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New Year, New Goals: How I Plan to Achieve Mine

With the new year comes our inevitable new year’s resolutions should they be small, large, or straying from the norm.  This year mine are to save more money, launch my personal blog, and write more in general. The problem with new year’s resolutions, in my […]

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Unique New Year’s Resolutions to Strive For

We are less than 24 hours away from 2018 and I’m sure we all have some ideas of the New Year’s resolutions we want to keep.  I’m all for the cliche resolutions like exercising more, eating healthier, saving more money, but those are resolutions almost everyone has.  Here’s a unique list of resolutions to consider going into 2018.

Keep a Happy Things Journal – Write down one thing that makes you happy and why every day for the whole year.  Cherish it forever.

Get rejected once a day – You’ll never know the awesome things you can get if you just ask.

Save money by trying the “double it” method – Start with just one penny.  The next day double it to 2 pennies.  The third day, double that to 4 pennies.  Repeat all the way until the end of the year.  You’ll have saved around $300 dollars.  Spend or save as you see fit.

12 months of new things – Each month, strive to mark off something from your bucket list or simply do something new.

Keep a Happy Memories Jar – Every time something good happens during the year, big or small, write it down on a piece of paper, date it, and put it in the jar.  At the end of the year, reminisce about the good things 2018 brings you.

Smile at someone once a day – Brighten up your and someone else’s day.

Keep a Dream Journal – These are great for creative folk as dreams can often inspire us.

Do a puzzle a day – The kind of puzzle doesn’t matter; keeping your mind sharp does.

Set aside at least one hour a week to destress – How you destress is up to you.  You could take a bubble bath, read a book, paint your nails, whatever makes you feel good and gets your mind off of negative thoughts is the important things.

Commit to 15 minutes of cleaning a day – Cleaning sucks, but when you only have to do it for 15 minutes, it doesn’t seem so bad.  And you’d be amazed at how much you can get done in 15 minutes.

Learn a new hobby – It’s important to find and surround ourselves with new things in order to continue growing ourselves.

Start collecting something – Collecting is good for you!  Start a collection of something that matters to you.

Cook something new once a week – Broaden your horizons and your cooking skills.  Committing to this resolution is bound to impress your friends and loved ones.

Take one picture a day – The picture should be of something significant of that day.  It doesn’t have to be big, but whatever you think is a big deal for that day.  At the end of the year, put together a photo album or scrapbook of all the pictures from the year.

Reinvent yourself – We all have that one aspect of ourselves that we hate.  Maybe it’s physical like your style or maybe it’s emotional like your inability to let go of grudges, but whatever it is, reinventing your lifestyle can be a step in the right direction to your best and happiest self.

Visit a museum a month – Being cultured is a good things.  Dedicate some time to appreciate the arts.

Commit to one hour a day with no electronics – Electronics are great for many things, but it’s important to put them down every now and then to do something else.

These are all great resolutions to attempt this year.  Picking one or two (three if your a go-getter!) can help improve your life in small ways.  I wish all of you a very happy new year and good luck on all of your resolutions.  If you need help sticking with them, Brittany has a great post on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments below!

I’ll see you guys on Sunday!

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My Favorite New Year’s Eve Tradition

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A Merry Christmas from Inbetween Thoughts

We’ve done it, y’all. We’ve reached the 25th of December, the day we’ve been waiting all month for! Whether you are staying at home or traveling, Inbetween Thoughts would like to wish you the most merry of Christmases! And thank you for joining us on our first Blogmas adventure. We’re looking forward to many more.

To celebrate the holiday, I write a story each year called the North Pole Interview. I started doing this when I was young and emailed interviews with Santa to my friends and family. As I got older, I started to add a bit more adventure into my stories and the interview part of it disappeared. Instead, I just save Christmas or the North Pole each year.

I’d love to grow this Christmas tradition of mine and share it with all of you. Please head over to my personal blog, Saphmira, to read this year’s North Pole Interview here. The story is about 3,000 words long – which is why I’ve decided to keep it separate from this post so as not to overwhelm you all. I’m sure that you’ll still get a kick out of the characters and adventure and Christmas magic.

Enjoy your day with your loved ones!



Christmas Eve Traditions to Relieve Christmas Anticipations.

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8 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’ve checked every store and every site and still hunting for that perfect present it’s time to consider DIY. DIY Christmas Gifts you ask. Well yes you can do it yourself this year and still be the gifting queen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a crafting genius to take advantage of these.

Bath Salts

If you have anyone on your list that loves a pamper this is the gift for you. You can even personalize it to their favorite scent. You can find instructions from Martha Stewart and recipes here. Once you have your salts you can decorate your jars to make this present even more of a personalized option.

Flavored Salts

You can find delicious recipes here. This present idea is perfect for the chef or baker in your life. These salts make trying a new recipe a breeze and are sure to delight any kitchen lover on your list.

Candy Decorations

Looking for a fun DIY gift to do with your kids? Well candy decorations are the one for you. You find ideas here or here. These decorations are easy and fun to do and bonus! Your candy sleighs are still edible.


There are many ways to go about this fun idea. You can buy a kit at places such as Hobby Lobby, you can start from scratch like these ideas from womansday, or you can let those more experienced than you create the perfect memory for you at Kodak.

Snow Globes

One of my favorite memories is using a mason jar and some water to make my own snow globe. This is another guaranteed kid friendly fun idea. You can find instructions for Christmas themed globes here. These are presents that anyone on your list would be proud to display for years to come. You can even adapt this present idea to other times of year to create a present for any occasion.

Personalized chalkboard

You can use this unique idea to create coasters for the host in your life or a full-sized board for the artist on your gift list. I love that this present is so versatile and allows the receiver to decorate and redecorate their to-do list or personalize drink coasters for each party.

Gift Baskets

Do you love giving gift sets but hate when there’s that one item that just doesn’t fit? Hate it when that one thing ruins your perfect gift basket? Well you can drop that store made gift basket and fill up your own with everything you want and only what you want. This is a simple DIY idea that allows you to tailor make your baskets based on each person’s taste and needs.

Wishing Jar

This is a fun DIY that has a double use for those you gift it to. First this gift is a daily fortune cookie without the calories. Then when it is empty it is a wishing well right in your own home.

For this DIY you will need:

1 (or however many you are making) empty and clean mason jar with the lid

Ribbons/paint/rhinestones (anything you want to decorate the jar with)

Personalized paper fortunes to fill the jar up with



Once you have your empty and clean jar decorate it however you want. Then write/type up a bunch of paper fortunes such as you what you would find in a fortune cookie (you could even save ones from fortune cookies) and add them into the jar until it is full.

The receiver of the jar then pulls out a fortune a day to start their day with a smile or even get a midday pick me up. Once the jar is empty the person writes their wishes on pieces of paper throughout their days and fills the jar back up.

5 Christmas Appetizers to Rock Your Socks Off

Hosting Christmas this year or need a Christmas appetizer to bring for your family?  Here is a delicious list of some finger foods/appetizers for the holiday season! Cheese & Fruit Plate This is an easy one as all you need is some delectable cheese and […]