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5 Unique Gifts for Him He’s Bound to Love

Are we noticing a trend yet here on Inbetween Thoughts?  Gifts for moms, gifts for your pooch, and now gifts for him.  We sure do love giving presents around here! Here’s a convenient list of some unique gift for that handsome man in your life. […]

The Best Holiday Pajamas To Cozy Up In This Christmas Season

Ah, Christmas! In most parts of the country, it gets a little cooler and warrants some nice, comfy pajamas to laze about in on days that you don’t have plans. And of course, you need to have sleepwear that fits in with the holidays. They […]

5 Dog Gift Ideas Your Animal Friend Will Love

Tis the season of giving!  Which means we can’t leave our four legged friends behind!  For the fifth day of Blogmas, here are some gift ideas for your fur babies.

Paw Print Ornament

White and Gold Paw Print Christmas Ornament Craft

This is a fun craft you and your dog can do while creating a memento of life with your dog.  This ornament requires simple household ingredients, making it easy and accessible. Your dog will love spending time with you as you put together this ornament and may enjoy the mess as well!

Make Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade Dog Biscuits, learn howto make them here:

Your dogs love treats, so why not make them some yourself?  You’ll know exactly what goes into the treats with the added benefit of making something out of love.  These dog biscuits are made with everyday household items, so no need to pull out your wallet!

Peanut Butter Pupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Peanut Butter Pupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

What kind of dog doesn’t love peanut butter?  These pupcakes are a delectable Christmas treat for your pup.

Get a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Dog

plush toys of pets

Who wouldn’t want a replica of their beloved pet?  This is a great gift for your pets that love a cuddle buddy or in loving memory of a deceased pet.  Be warned, this gift is pricey at a whopping $250.

DIY Dog Toy

Make this easy DIY Dog Toy & feed your dog #NutritionWorthWaggingFor! #ad #diy

Does your dog love toys?  Then make him a personalized dog toy!  Using a tennis ball and cloth, this DIY project is cheap and easy to make.  Your dog is sure to appreciate the new toy added to his collection.


Do you have any other awesome dog gifts?  Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll see you on Thursday!

With Love,


10 Perfect Gift Ideas to Put A Smile on Mom’s Face

We’re reaching that timeframe in December where it’s just far away from Christmas still that you probably don’t need to worry about expediting your purchases. Now is the perfect time to get presents for those closest to you. If they come in and they’re not what you […]

4 Christmas Traditions to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

My family and I love Christmas.  My grandmother goes all out with unique Christmas traditions that are a hit by the whole family.  Here are four of our Christmas traditions that are sure to be loved by anyone’s family. 1. Find Your Ornament on the […]

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Rock this Holiday Season

With the amount of impending holiday parties in the near future, you can bet one of them will require you to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. The uglier, the better.

They’re honestly so fascinating. Even if they’re horrendous, they still look cute. The logic does not compute.

I swear, they are probably made with some sort of magic.

I’ve looked around the internet just a bit (okay, more than a bit), and found my top ten fave ugly sweaters to share with you. They’re kind of all over the place, but I think you’ll enjoy each and every one of them.

TipsyElves Green Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas Cardigan, $78

gaudy garland ugly christmas sweater

The garland really makes this sweater. I’m not even sure if it’s enough garland.

Prince Peter #SquadGoals Sweater, $55

#squadgoals ugly christmas sweater

Because Rudolph and the gang are obvs #squadgoals.

Derek Heart Light Up Christmas Unicorn Sweater, $24.99

unicorn ugly christmas sweater

Why doesn’t Santa totally use unicorns to help bring joy to the world? Isn’t it a known fact that unicorns make people happy? (Btw, this sweater totes lights up)

TipsyElves Christmas Present Ugly Christmas Sweater, $59

present ugly christmas sweater

Surprise! I’m the only present you get this year.

Hybrid Apparel Star Wars R2D2 Holiday Sweater, $20.99

r2d2 ugly christmas sweater

The Force is strong with this one.

Meowee Christmas Ugly Sweater, $21.95

meeowee christmas ugly christmas sweater

Meeowee Christmas. Get it? Oh, I just love these punny sweaters.

Forever21 Sequin Cheers Holiday Sweater, $24.90

cheers ugly christmas sweater

Every girl deserves a little glam in her life – why not show some sparkle with your Christmas sweater?

I Sleigh Christmas Sweater, $24

i sleigh ugly christmas sweater

Sleigh all day, e’ry day.

Pekatees Daschund Through the Snow Sweater, $24.99

dachshund ugly christmas sweater

I’m not biased at all because my family has a Dachshund, promise. This shirt is just plain adorable on its own.


Target Oh Snap Ugly Christmas Sweater, $27.99

oh snap! christmas sweater

Oh, snap! That looks painful – and delicious.

Did you find a new fave ugly Christmas sweater to wear to all your holiday parties this year? Do you already have one that you’ll be sporting? Share and comment below – we want to know all about your ugly Christmas sweater!




Floating Ornaments: Add Some Magic to Your Christmas

Looking to add some magic to your Christmas decorations this year? Want to make that neighbor who always has the best decorations green with envy? Here’s how. Floating Ornaments. That’s right have a Harry Potter style Christmas. You can have the magic in just 5 […]

The Perfect Lipsticks for Olive Skin

Olive skin can be somewhat of a challenge to match lipsticks to.  With our yellow/golden undertones, it can clash with a lot of typical lipsticks.  Here are some of my favorite lipsticks to wear that look great for olive skinned people. Kat Von D’s Lolita […]

7 Pieces to Up Your Game On Your Winter Wardrobe

We’ve only recently gotten cooler weathers here in Texas (does snow even exist?), so I’m excited that I can start pulling out some of my light winter wear. Instagram has been full of super cute coats, the coziest looking sweaters, and fun cool weather accessories. The inner winter outfit lover inside of me has been dying to join in on the fun, but I’ve had to stay away from it because I don’t want to sweat up a storm.

If you’re looking to add some extra pizzaz to your winter wardrobe, I’ve found a few cute pieces that are totally affordable.

Leith Corset Tunic Sweater


I love this sweater for multiple reasons – the poofy sleeves, the corset lace up around the wait, and the fact that it’s a long tunic sweater. It’s on sale right now for $37.92 on the Nordstrom website, so check it out before the sale is over! 

Forever 21 Tassel Drop Earrings


If you don’t have a pair of tassel earrings, you should probably grab a pair before the trend goes away (don’t tell me when that happens). They are the statement earrings to have right now. Not only are they super cute, but they look good on practically everyone.

WHBM Sleeveless Black Fringe Dress


I will never get tired of fringe. This dress is just gorgeous. It’s the perfect holiday outfit – you’ll be glam to all of the parties that you go to. 

Elodie Pompom Sweater


Spice up your wardrobe by throwing in some pieces with pompoms. They’re super fun and add a little extra to your outfit.

Altar’d State Go Glamorous Stole

Nothing says warm like a faux fur stole around your neck. I’m honestly in love with these scarves and love they you just have to pull the ends through each other to keep it in place. I feel cozy just looking at it!

Forever 21 Multicolor Tweed Jacket


Tweed is so fun – it’s professional and chic all at once. I love the colors on this jacket. They’re super perfect for the season.

H&M V-Neck Sweater


I love the v-neck on this sweater. Plus, it looks super cozy.

Found a new fave to add to your winter wardrobe? Feel free to share any current style obsession of your own and post a link on where to find it – we’d love to see if it’s something we want to add to our own collections!



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