The Dark Makeup Look I’ll Be Rocking This Christmas

I’m all about dark makeup so why wouldn’t I attempt a dark makeup look for Christmas?  I decided to go with something icy because as of right now it’s cold where I live and I didn’t want to go with the cliche red and green. […]

4 Holiday Makeup Trends to Love

With the holiday season in full swing we’re all busy with parties and obligations. We all want to look fierce and fab as we party our hearts out and fulfill those family obligations. These are the 4 holiday makeup trends to love this holiday season. […]

The Best Holiday Pajamas To Cozy Up In This Christmas Season

Ah, Christmas! In most parts of the country, it gets a little cooler and warrants some nice, comfy pajamas to laze about in on days that you don’t have plans. And of course, you need to have sleepwear that fits in with the holidays. They […]

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Rock this Holiday Season

With the amount of impending holiday parties in the near future, you can bet one of them will require you to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. The uglier, the better. They’re honestly so fascinating. Even if they’re horrendous, they still look cute. The logic does […]

The Perfect Lipsticks for Olive Skin

Olive skin can be somewhat of a challenge to match lipsticks to.  With our yellow/golden undertones, it can clash with a lot of typical lipsticks.  Here are some of my favorite lipsticks to wear that look great for olive skinned people. Kat Von D’s Lolita […]

7 Pieces to Up Your Game On Your Winter Wardrobe

We’ve only recently gotten cooler weathers here in Texas (does snow even exist?), so I’m excited that I can start pulling out some of my light winter wear. Instagram has been full of super cute coats, the coziest looking sweaters, and fun cool weather accessories. […]

Subscription Nation: November Ipsy Glam Bag

Subscription Nation: November Ipsy Glam Bag

November is all about being thankful and focusing on the good things that we have in live. That’s why Ipsy’s theme this month is just perfect – focusing on Ipsters and their awesomeness. The bags this month are super cute, with a slash of metallic […]

Keep Your Lips Happy and Healthy

We paint them red, we paint them silver. We slather them with shimmery gloss. We even sometimes neglect them until they go dry on us. That’s right I’m talking about Lips. Lips are like every other part of your body but needing so much more […]

Must Have Shoes For Your Office Job

Office wear doesn’t have to be boring! (Thank God!) So why not spice up your office wardrobe with some super cute shoes?  The right pair of shoes can drastically change the look of an outfit, making it easier to repeat outfits without getting bored with […]

Treating Acne Scars Versus Dark Marks

None of us have had the privilege of living without some sort of acne attacking our skin (and it doesn’t go away as you get older, though it might get better). Dealing with the aftermath of acne scars and dark marks can be difficult. What’s […]