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Floating Ornaments: Add Some Magic to Your Christmas

Looking to add some magic to your Christmas decorations this year? Want to make that neighbor who always has the best decorations green with envy? Here’s how. Floating Ornaments. That’s right have a Harry Potter style Christmas. You can have the magic in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Collect your supplies

For this project you will need:

Your tallest friend (just kidding…mostly)

A step Ladder

Clear fishing wire

Clear thumb tacks(this is how we string ours up but you can use anything that you want so long as it blends in with your ceiling)

Ornaments of your choosing with hook loops at the top

Step 2: Tie you fishing line to the ornaments

Now that you have your supplies collected unspool and cut differing lengths of the clear fishing line. Make sure the lines are not so long they will be in the way. Then securely tie one ornament to the end of each one of the cut lines. Make sure to use multiple knots because the magic sort of runs out when people are being hit in the head with falling ornaments.

Step 3: Create your loops 

After you have your ornaments secured take the other end of the line and make a small loop (I loop the line around my finger). Then tie off the line so the loop holds in place. Repeat this step until all of your lines have loops.

Step 4: Hang them up 

Now that you have your hanging ornaments it’s time send your tallest friend scampering up that ladder. I recommend having people handy to hold the hooks/tacks and the ornaments so the person on the ladder can have them handed to them. For this step take one of your lines by the loop end and hold it up to the ceiling where you want to place it. Then stick your hook/tack through the loop and push it in to the ceiling. Once the tack is in let the line go and make sure the ornaments are not too heavy for the tacks. Repeat this step to hang up the ornaments in any design you want.

Step 5: Wow your loved ones

Now just sit back and watch your friend’s and family’s eye bug out at your magical display of floating ornaments.




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Keep Your Lips Happy and Healthy

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Diary of a Beauty Beginner: Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Being an avid skin care fan I love trying new trends in beauty at least once. So when I heard about the charcoal peel off mask I had to know more. After watching a few Instagram videos of people acting like they were peeling their face off I decided it wasn’t for me. But then I began doing what I always do, research, and discovered that maybe in fact it is for me. To start with let’s answer the question burning in everyone’s mind.

What is a peel off mask?

A peel off mask is just what it sounds like; a mask you slather on your face and than let dry and peel off. Some are easier to peel of then others (I suggest an easy peel off if you are not a fan of pain). These masks can be made of a lot of different ingredients that target different skin problems. I chose the charcoal mask because charcoal is a black head fighter then helps shrink pores. The mask I chose, the Lixue Jiaren Peel Off Black Mask, was a deep cleansing charcoal mask. The peel off part comes when you carefully peel the mask off your face to take all the nasties out of your pores with it.

A How To:

I have heard that you should avoid making it too thick so it won’t hurt as much pulling it off. Of course I have also heard that if it is not thick enough then it will not get all the nasties out. These masks are as easy as they sound to use; just slather it on your face. Avoid applying the mask to your mouth, eyes, hairline and eyebrows. No one wants to give themselves an impromptu wax job. Then you do whatever you want (I suggest relaxing) while it dries. After the mask is dry you start at the edges and work your way in, gently pulling the mask off. Then (if it doesn’t freak you out) you can inspect when it pulled out of your pores.


The first thing I noticed about the Lixue Jiaren mask was that the tube was very small. It was about the size of a tube foundation, which was kind of disappointing. The next thing I noticed was that it looked like tar as I squeezed it out. Ignoring the appearance I applied the mask to myself and forced two of my friends to help my research. One has sensitive skin and the other has dry skin so I could cover every skin type (I have oily skin). The mask was kind of in between with spreadability. I found it kind of thick and harder to spread without leaving thinner patches. My friend found it easy to smooth.

We sat and watched netflix while the mask dried and found that it felt as though it was tightening our skin as it dried. It felt like it was becoming shrink wrap and taking my skin with it. After it dried we gathered around the bathroom mirror to pull it off. While I am happy to say this mask did not hurt it also did not seem to catch much. This could be due to the fact that I wash my face twice a day but I was hoping for more. After I peeled it off there was still some residue that I had to wash off. My friend with the dry skin said she got a lot out of her face but the mask made her skin dry. My friend with sensitive skin said it dried her face out as well.

I would give this mask a 3.5 out of 5 because it just kind of seemed in between. I did not hate it but I was not amazed by it either. This mask just seems like something I will use every so often to use up then probably not buy again. I may try another brand before I write this style of mask off completely but my hopes have been lowered. I think I will stick with my other masks for now.


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My New Favorite Exfoliator

Way back when in high school (before I actually researched skin care) I used to use the apricot scrub nearly everyday. Turns out this is a bad thing to do as it basically keeps scrubbing the top layer of your skin off. After years of this my skin was pretty much angry with me and was sending out a blinding S.O.S beacon. One day I looked in the mirror and saw this beacon and decided to do something about it. So I made the decision to stop exfoliating permanently. However, as some of you know from previous posts I jumped whole heartedly into the Korean skin care regimen. And surprise surprise an important step of this regimen is exfoliating. So I decided to ease my way back into scrubbing my skin off.

While I was scrolling through the Rue21 website I came across the organic oatmeal exfoliating soap by Honey Belle. This soap is a small two-sided square of facial soap formulated to be an exfoliator and cleanser. One side has oatmeal and sea salt to gently scrub off the layer of dead skin and grime off your face without tearing your skin up. The other side has goat milk soap to help soothe and cleanse your face.

The first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell and creamy feel of the soap. The soap just felt soft and luxurious while I lathered it up. The first step (I suggest reading the instructions to know how to use it) is to wet your face with warm water to open your pores. Then you run the oatmeal side across your face in gentle circular motions. I was a little surprised that those soft grains of oats actually seemed to make my face softer without feeling like someone was grinding sand into my face. After this you flip the soap over and lather your face up with the goat milk side. This side didn’t seem any different from other cleansers but it did clean without drying my face out. Then you wash it off with cool water to close your pores.

According to the site this soap is supposed to soothe, moisturize, repair, smooth and brighten your skin. I can honestly say this soap was amazing! My skin felt softer and looked brighter and clearer after a single use. I would love to use this soap everyday (don’t worry I learned my lesson about doing that) it feels that nice. I like that this soap is completely organic so I don’t have to worry about what’s in it.

Now on to the cons, the price and the size. For such a small piece of soap (this soap is about four or five inches across) this soap is kind of expensive. I bought it on sale so it was definitely worth the money. But at the orignal price it would be personal preference. I feel like this soap is a luxury expense to use every so often to give my skin a spa day. If I keep seeing great results I may splurge and buy it at regular price but like I said it’s a splurge.

Taking the pros and cons into account I give this product a 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s a great product I just wish it was either in a bigger size or a little less expensive. But it definitely lives up to its claims.



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