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The Housework Workout

Don’t have time to hit the gym but still want that to work on that summer body? Don’t Worry. Do the housework workout. Sweeping and moping help burn calories and whittle the waist. Carting and loading laundry tones your arms. Scrubbing that shower or last […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World

Living in the States we all know what comes to mind when I say Valentine’s day. Chocolates, a fat baby with wings, cards of love, and chalky hearts. But like I said that’s just for those of us in the States. What about those around […]

Double Cleanse: Empties

If you have read my previous post about oil cleansers then you know how skeptical I was about them. But after a few months and a few empty jars I have embraced the double cleanse whole heartedly. As a person with oily skin I have struggled for years to control the shine and keep my pores unclogged. So then I stumbled upon the idea of using oil to clean away oil and have never looked back.


The cleanser I chose was resveratrol oil balm by Banila Co. which is for people with oily skin. This cleanser is a balm (solid oil) that warms up in your hands and turns into a liquid. I like this because I don’t have to try to contain liquid oil on my hands or scrubbie. This product has a nice feel and smell so you’re not gagging while you try to put it on.

Once on your face this product just kind of feels like your rubbing on any other soap or cream. It makes your face slick so your fingers slide around and don’t tug and pull your skin. After washing the oil cleanser off you apply and wash off a water based cleanser to complete the double cleanse.

I honestly thought the double cleanse would dry my face out. Or even make it oiler by putting more oil on my face. But surprisingly my face felt great. Even months later my face feels soft and smooth every time I wash my face. I have not seen any build up of oils. In fact my face seems to be a little less oily then when I started. I cannot say I have noticed any difference in my pores though. I unfortunately still suffer from strawberry nose.

But all in all after doing the double cleanse twice a day for a few months I have come to the conclusion that this is truly the most important step for those of us with oily skin. After using the double cleanse my face feels better and breaks out less (not including the stubborn blackheads currently inhabiting my nose). I think this is because of the fact that the oil cleanser breaks up and destroys all of the oils and grime from your day. Then the water based cleanser does the same for water based nasties.

Even if you decide to try a different oil cleanser I suggest everyone try the double cleanse. You should find and use cleansers and products that work for your skin type and problems. Remember that everyone’s skin is just as unique as them. So what product works for me may not work for you. And so I’ll leave you with a list of oil cleansers to start your search:

Hemish All Clean Balm 

The Face Shop Cleansing Oil

Era Organics Cleansing Oil 

Simple & Kind Cleansing Oil

Bare Minerals Cleansing Oil

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil

Botanic Heal Cleansing Sherbet (Balm)

Decoding the Color Correcting System

If you’re anything like me your face does not look like a china doll every morning. Thankfully there are ways to get that porcelain skin look by using different colors. Here’s a break down of the basic color correcting systems. Pink tones fights fatigued skin […]

Coloring Books: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Coloring, once a staple of our every day, has fallen by the wayside as we grow. But in recent years it’s been making a resurgence in our adult lives. But why? Isn’t coloring for kids? Aren’t we a bit old for coloring books and crayons? No. […]

Crest HD 2-Step Review

If you’re anything like me you spend your mornings mainlining coffee. Then spend your days sipping it like the cool kids. Coffee is an essential part of my diet but unfortunately it is not an essential part of oral health. I take steps to protect my teeth and over all mouth but I still noticed my teeth looking more yellow. I tried white strips and they were just not for me. Whitening gels were just a mess. And whitening toothpaste seemed like a joke. But then one day when I was scrolling through Amazon I came across the Crest HD 2 Step system.

This system consists of two different tubes that are two separate steps. It claims to enhance your overall oral health and whiten your teeth in 1 week. Now I was a bit skeptical but since there was a coupon I decided to give it a shot.


When the package came I found it easy to understand and to differentiate between the two steps. The first step (the silver tube) is a stannous fluoride tooth paste that helps strip away the nasties you don’t want in your mouth. Then the second step (the blue tube) is a whitening gel that helps whiten and strengthen your teeth. The idea is to brush your teeth for one minute with step 1 then switch to step 2 (no rinsing) and brush your teeth for another minute.

The instructions were straightforward and easy to understand but the warning on the package was a bit worrying. If this is supposed to whiten my teeth why does it say it could possibly turn them brown? After I found my courage I decided to give it a try. After using my anti-plaque pre-rinse I used this two step system then used an anti-cavity mouth wash.

To be honest I found it time-consuming but I wanted to do it right. The first step does feel a bit weird in your mouth, kind of a gritty paste and the second step burns a little at times. But I have to say that my mouth felt very clean afterward. There was a little bit of sensitivity to cold water right after I brush but any sensitivity other throughout the day is gone. This system does seem to have helped my mouth be cleaner and healthier.

Now as to their other claim of whitening in one week. I must say it’s true! People noticed my teeth were whiter the first time I used it. Now, after having used up both tubes my teeth are whiter than ever and don’t look dirty even after drinking coffee.

All in all this product definitely lived up to its claims and is a definite reorder. I am so happy with how my mouth feels and looks now. I highly suggest this system to anyone trying to whiten their teeth or even improve their over all oral health.

How to Winter Proof Your Skincare Routine

In honor of the temperature dropping here in Texas I decided to update my skincare research. Different seasons mean different routines. The cold weather of winter treats your skin differently then the hot air of summer. With a few tweaks you can winter proof your […]

My Favorite New Year’s Eve Tradition

Everyone has traditions they participate in every year. My New Year’s Eve is no different. But amid the drinking, fortune-telling, fire works, and desperate attempts to gain luck in the New Year there is one tradition that is my favorite. The tradition of burning away […]

8 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’ve checked every store and every site and still hunting for that perfect present it’s time to consider DIY. DIY Christmas Gifts you ask. Well yes you can do it yourself this year and still be the gifting queen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a crafting genius to take advantage of these.

Bath Salts

If you have anyone on your list that loves a pamper this is the gift for you. You can even personalize it to their favorite scent. You can find instructions from Martha Stewart and recipes here. Once you have your salts you can decorate your jars to make this present even more of a personalized option.

Flavored Salts

You can find delicious recipes here. This present idea is perfect for the chef or baker in your life. These salts make trying a new recipe a breeze and are sure to delight any kitchen lover on your list.

Candy Decorations

Looking for a fun DIY gift to do with your kids? Well candy decorations are the one for you. You find ideas here or here. These decorations are easy and fun to do and bonus! Your candy sleighs are still edible.


There are many ways to go about this fun idea. You can buy a kit at places such as Hobby Lobby, you can start from scratch like these ideas from womansday, or you can let those more experienced than you create the perfect memory for you at Kodak.

Snow Globes

One of my favorite memories is using a mason jar and some water to make my own snow globe. This is another guaranteed kid friendly fun idea. You can find instructions for Christmas themed globes here. These are presents that anyone on your list would be proud to display for years to come. You can even adapt this present idea to other times of year to create a present for any occasion.

Personalized chalkboard

You can use this unique idea to create coasters for the host in your life or a full-sized board for the artist on your gift list. I love that this present is so versatile and allows the receiver to decorate and redecorate their to-do list or personalize drink coasters for each party.

Gift Baskets

Do you love giving gift sets but hate when there’s that one item that just doesn’t fit? Hate it when that one thing ruins your perfect gift basket? Well you can drop that store made gift basket and fill up your own with everything you want and only what you want. This is a simple DIY idea that allows you to tailor make your baskets based on each person’s taste and needs.

Wishing Jar

This is a fun DIY that has a double use for those you gift it to. First this gift is a daily fortune cookie without the calories. Then when it is empty it is a wishing well right in your own home.

For this DIY you will need:

1 (or however many you are making) empty and clean mason jar with the lid

Ribbons/paint/rhinestones (anything you want to decorate the jar with)

Personalized paper fortunes to fill the jar up with



Once you have your empty and clean jar decorate it however you want. Then write/type up a bunch of paper fortunes such as you what you would find in a fortune cookie (you could even save ones from fortune cookies) and add them into the jar until it is full.

The receiver of the jar then pulls out a fortune a day to start their day with a smile or even get a midday pick me up. Once the jar is empty the person writes their wishes on pieces of paper throughout their days and fills the jar back up.

How to Find that Perfect Present for the Hard to Shop For

With Christmas right around the corner I am sure that everyone has crossed off their Christmas list and checked it twice. But is there a name still there? That one friend who has everything? Or that Aunt who says they don’t need anything? Well with […]