How to Know What Eyelid Shape You Have

Once upon a time, I was 19 years old and struggled with winged eyeliner and eyeshadow looks.  I followed tutorials painstakingly but always ended up with a flop.  I didn’t understand how these makeup gurus were creating such lush looks and I was getting nowhere near their end result.  Turns out, I had been watching tutorials of people with a completely different eyelid shape than me.  So here’s a short tutorial on how to know what shape your eye is so you can mimic gurus with your eye shape.

The “Ideal” Instagram Eye.

I put ideal in quotations because although it’s the most ideal eye for makeup, it’s by no means more or less attractive than other eye shapes.  This eye shape is most often pictured with gorgeous eye looks and the reason why I struggled following their tutorials.

How to find your eye shape


The eye shape is characterized by it’s visible eyelid regardless of whether or not the eye is open.  This visibility allows for intricate eyeshadow looks as you can blend the colors together seamlessly.  Winged eyeliner is easy as there are no creases at the corner of the eye to disrupt a straight line.


Deep Set Eyes

This is the category I fall into.  Deep set eyes are defined by a slight visibility of the eyelid when the eye is open and a crease in the corner of the eyelid where it appears that the skin above the eyelid sinks on top of it.  This is due to the eyes sitting deeper into the eye sockets.

How to know your eye shape

Deep set eyes have a range of shapes.  Meaning some people have eyes more deep set like this woman and others are less severe.  Winged eyeliner can be tricky with this eye for this reason.  It will take lots of practice and studying the way the skin creases into your eyelid to figure out the best method of applying winged eyeliner.  As for eyeshadow, any “makeup for deep set eyes” will yield great result regardless of the exact shape of your deep set eyes as the rules apply to mostly everyone.


Hooded Eyes

This category has two subsets: Asian hooded eyes and everyone who’s not Asian hooded eyes.  Since I’m unfamiliar with Asian hooded eyes as they have their own subset of eye shapes, I’ll be focusing on the latter.  Hooded eyes are defined by no visibility of the eyelid when the eye is open.  The skin above the eyelid seems to sink completely on top of it, covering it.

How to know your eyelid shape

These are three basic eyelid shapes and will hopefully help you find where you sit on the eyelid spectrum.  Look for gurus with eyes similar to your and that will help your makeup game if you are like me and are struggling getting the same end result.  Let me know in the comments if you think I missed an eyelid shape!

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