Embrace Your Creative Side with a Bullet Journal: Ideas to Get You Started

I’ve recently gotten into planning in order to help me reach my goals.  I’ve seen floating around bullet journals and find the idea behind them intriguing.  While I’m not much of an artist, I’ve compiled a few bullet journal suggestions to help bullet journal newbies get started.

Figure out what your bullet journal’s job is.

It could be to keep you organized or to track the more intimate details of your life.  You could track your water intake to ensure you’re hydrated enough or plot out a mood page to keep tabs on how you’ve been feeling.

Bullet Journal

This mood tracker is great for plotting out how you’re emotionally doing.  It’s perfect for those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety as a way to see how you’re progressing or to note in ways something you’ve been trying isn’t working.  It’s also great for simply looking back on the months/year to see how it’s treated you.

Bullet Journal

This water tracker is perfect for those with health related goals.  Keep track of your water intake to ensure you’re getting those 8 glasses a day!  While no longer available for sale on Etsy, this tracker can easily be recreated on your own.

These are just a few ideas of how to make your journal work for you but the possibilities are endless!

Find the perfect notebook for your bullet journal.

It doesn’t need to be expensive.  It could be a simple, spiral notebook or it could be something nice from your local bookstore.  I personally like to have more creative notebooks for my creative ventures, but make your bullet journal work the way you want it to.  As long as it makes you happy and can be written in, it can be a bullet journal!

Learn simple embellishing techniques.

Learning to draw fun swirlies in your bullet journal will help keep it creative and more appealing to look at.  Even if you’re not an artist, learning to draw these aren’t too difficult.


Free Bullet Journal Printables from Twenty Something Meltdown

These are fun dividers to use in your bullet journal.  Divide text, thoughts, drawings, anything you want with these cute dividers.  You can print them for free by clicking the picture above, or take the more artistic route and draw them yourself.

Basic Hand Lettering: JOY - One Artsy Mama

Same principle as above, learning to embellish your words will help make bullet journaling more fun.  Simple embellishments like these aren’t too hard to learn and will end up impressing your friends.

Purchase the things you must have, but can’t make yourself.

Sometimes we’re just not artistically skilled enough to draw/write everything in our bullet journals.  So find some stickers, planners, or anything else you might need to stick into your journal.  There’s plenty of free stuff online or you could make your way to your local craft store and browse through their scrapbooking section.

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