10 Bathroom Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Now that we’re all focusing on our resolutions for the year and preparing for a whole new way of life, there are some things that can be done to make our preparation for each day a little easier.

Here are some hacks to transform your bathroom into a cleaner and more organized place to get ready.

  1. Don’t worry about digging your makeup bags out again and again. Organize all of your go-to products onto a magnetic makeup board.

  2. Use a mesh file box (or any file box, really) into an organizer for appliances like your hairdryer and curling wand.

  3. Or, find some cute bookshelves to install on the back of your cabinet door.

  4. Tape on some magnetic strips to the back of your cabinets for easy access to bobby pins and tweezers.

  5. Add a second curtain rod on the inside of your shower to hold small baskets for all of your toiletries.

  6. Use a wine rack to add some class and store towels.

  7. Never run out of toilet paper by using this tree holder.

  8. Don’t spend your money on Drain-O and instead make it yourself.

  9. Make yourself the cutest hand soap dispensers without having to spend more than a few dollars.

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  10. Clean calcium off of your faucets with this DIY cleaner.


Are you ready to transform your bathroom with these life-saving hacks? What are some of your favorite hacks? Please comment down below to let us know!


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