Crest HD 2-Step Review

If you’re anything like me you spend your mornings mainlining coffee. Then spend your days sipping it like the cool kids. Coffee is an essential part of my diet but unfortunately it is not an essential part of oral health. I take steps to protect my teeth and over all mouth but I still noticed my teeth looking more yellow. I tried white strips and they were just not for me. Whitening gels were just a mess. And whitening toothpaste seemed like a joke. But then one day when I was scrolling through Amazon I came across the Crest HD 2 Step system.

This system consists of two different tubes that are two separate steps. It claims to enhance your overall oral health and whiten your teeth in 1 week. Now I was a bit skeptical but since there was a coupon I decided to give it a shot.


When the package came I found it easy to understand and to differentiate between the two steps. The first step (the silver tube) is a stannous fluoride tooth paste that helps strip away the nasties you don’t want in your mouth. Then the second step (the blue tube) is a whitening gel that helps whiten and strengthen your teeth. The idea is to brush your teeth for one minute with step 1 then switch to step 2 (no rinsing) and brush your teeth for another minute.

The instructions were straightforward and easy to understand but the warning on the package was a bit worrying. If this is supposed to whiten my teeth why does it say it could possibly turn them brown? After I found my courage I decided to give it a try. After using my anti-plaque pre-rinse I used this two step system then used an anti-cavity mouth wash.

To be honest I found it time-consuming but I wanted to do it right. The first step does feel a bit weird in your mouth, kind of a gritty paste and the second step burns a little at times. But I have to say that my mouth felt very clean afterward. There was a little bit of sensitivity to cold water right after I brush but any sensitivity other throughout the day is gone. This system does seem to have helped my mouth be cleaner and healthier.

Now as to their other claim of whitening in one week. I must say it’s true! People noticed my teeth were whiter the first time I used it. Now, after having used up both tubes my teeth are whiter than ever and don’t look dirty even after drinking coffee.

All in all this product definitely lived up to its claims and is a definite reorder. I am so happy with how my mouth feels and looks now. I highly suggest this system to anyone trying to whiten their teeth or even improve their over all oral health.

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