How to Winter Proof Your Skincare Routine

In honor of the temperature dropping here in Texas I decided to update my skincare research. Different seasons mean different routines. The cold weather of winter treats your skin differently then the hot air of summer. With a few tweaks you can winter proof your skincare routine.


That’s right. My dreaded skincare step from previous posts. But this step is even more important in the winter as it helps allow your skin absorb goodness better. In the winter I use a gentle exfoliator more frequently than in warmer weather. This winter I am trying the Black Sugar Mask by Skin Food and the Black Head Power Cream by Corsx.


With the heat and humidity you produce more sweat, oil, and grime that needs to be washed off. In the winter you can give your skin a break from the harsher cleansers. The idea of winter skincare is to keep the moisture in. So changing out that harsh cleanser for one that’s nicer to your skin is a must. This winter I am swapping out my water based cleanser for the Green Tea Cleanser from Neogen. This cleanser is a liquid instead of a foam and it contains moisturizers to help hydrate your skin while you clean.


Now you may be thinking it’s winter, there’s no need for sunscreen right? Wrong. The sun is actually the closest to Earth in January. Meaning you actually need more sunscreen. Even when it is cloudy out the sun can reflect off the clouds and snow to give you even more exposure. This winter I am stepping up my sunscreen game with the Sunprise sunscreen from Etude House.


With the drying effects of the cold weather moisturizing is even more important. Your skin craves more moisture in cold weather so I suggest ditching the gel moisturizers for a cream one. Look for ones with extra moisture or even double up to give your skin those huge doses of water it needs. This winter I have switched out my aloe gel moisturizer for the Super Aqua Max for oily skin by Nature Republic. The best time to apply your moisture is right after your shower (which should be warm not hot and kept short).


Your skin needs just as much nutrients and hydration in the winter as it does in the summer. Sometimes even more so depending on the weather where you live. If you spend your days playing out in the snow instead of in very light weight jackets your skin drys out more. I love using face masks year round but in the winter it’s nice to use my face steamer to open my pores and allow the goodness to sink in. In the winter I use a face mask nearly every day, be it a sheet mask, a sleeping mask, or a wash off mask.


I spend most of the year trying to hide from the humidity in the air but winter is the one exception. During the winter not only does the cold air dry your skin out but so does the heater. That’s right the thing keeping you nice and toasty is also toasting your skin. Using a humidifier is a good way to keep that moisture in the air. You can either use a large room version or a small personal version. I am currently in love with my new mini bear humidifier.



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