My Favorite New Year’s Eve Tradition

Everyone has traditions they participate in every year. My New Year’s Eve is no different. But amid the drinking, fortune-telling, fire works, and desperate attempts to gain luck in the New Year there is one tradition that is my favorite. The tradition of burning away the bad and welcoming the good.

This tradition is my favorite because it is a simple way to be honest with yourself. It allows you to examine the good and the bad of your year and help you make changes for the next. This tradition helps me let go of the bad aspects of my year and helps me know what areas I need to work on.

For this tradition all you need is a piece of paper, a pen, a flame (i.e. a candle or a fire-place), and honesty. The first step is to find a secluded so no one can peek at your paper. This paper is for your eyes only so you can be honest with yourself. Step two is to think back on your year and write down the bad things that stand out to you. These bad things can be anything; things you didn’t like about yourself, things that made you mad, things you didn’t like about your job. Whatever you want. Now I know people usually tell you to only focus on the good. Ignore this for now and write down your negativity list. Below is an example of a negativity list.

List Example:

not saving enough money

acne breakouts

had many fights with boyfriend

lied to coworkers about being sick

Didn’t get the raise I wanted


Once your list is complete fold it up so no one can see it. Now comes the fun part and that positivity I mentioned earlier. Use the flame of your choosing and burn up your negativity list. As it burns try to let go of all the negativity from the things on your list. Let go of the anger, sadness, shame or any other negative emotions that made you add them to the list. (I know this is easier said then done but still, try).

After the list is burned and you have wiped your slate clean focus on the positive. Look ahead to changing in the new year and enjoying all the good things coming your way. I read once to look back on the past only so long as it gives you happiness. I try to follow this quote in my life and this list helps me forget the bad and embrace only the good.

I hope my tradition of a negativity list will inspire you to start your own tradition of not dragging your negativity into the next year. Wishing you all a happy and positive 2018, Alyssa.

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