Why You Should Start a Happy Things Journal

Ever since I moved away from my friends and family thanks to the good, old military, I have been having a hard time adjusting.  I started feeling down seeing my friends hang out with each other while I was far away in a state where I knew no one.  My job became repetitive and boring.  I felt unneeded, like I wasn’t leaving any kind of imprint on the world.

And I missed my mom.

One day, a whirlwind of these negative thoughts got the better of me and so I asked myself, what makes me happy right now?  I jotted down a short list:

My husband, my dog, my family and friends, cooking dinner with my husband.  And that’s where the list ends.  I was appalled to realize that I couldn’t think of anything else.  Certainly my life isn’t that miserable?

So I decided to start a happy things journal.  Every day I write down one thing that makes me happy and why it does.  These things can be small and meaningful only to me, like notebooks, or larger ideas/memories, like travelling.  Forcing myself to write down something every day has me coming up with creative things and looking for happiness in the smallest of places.  It makes me feel better to see my notebook filled with pages of happy things.  They’re a nice reminder of those small lights of joy we sometimes overlook.

So how do you start a happy things journal?

It’s simple.  Step one: obtain a notebook (preferably one that makes you happy).  Step two: write in it every day.

It doesn’t need to take a long time to write in the notebook.  Just take 15-30 minutes of your day to write about one thing that brings you joy.  And when you’re having those bad days, pull out your notebook and read about your happy things.

Doing this is great for the mental health.  When we get swarmed with negative thoughts, it can impede our ability to see the good things around us every day.  Journaling has definitely helped keep my head in the right place and I highly recommend it to anyone.

I’ll see you on Sunday!

With Love,


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