Christmas Eve Traditions to Relieve Christmas Anticipations.

With Christmas being one painstaking day away, sometimes we need a little something to relieve the pre-Christmas jitters.  Here are a few Christmas Eve traditions to help pass the time.

Open one present (just one!)

After seeing all those beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, opening just one on Christmas Eve can help satiate your curiosity.  Take a moment with the family to gather around and enjoy unwrapping your first gift.

Prepare special cookies and reindeer food for Santa

If you have kids, one way to get them even more excited for Santa’s arrival is to have them help you bake fresh cookies for Santa and special reindeer food for his reindeer.  Personally, my family baked simple sugar cookies and left an apple for Rudolph.  But there are lots of great reindeer food recipes like this one to engage your children better.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Write a personal note to Santa

This activity is great for kids as it gets them excited for Santa’s arrival and can also teach them about being thankful and kind.  Have them write a nice letter to Santa about how thrilled they are about hosting him and that they hope he enjoys the cookies and milk.  Then, leave it by the cookies and milk and write a note back to your kids as Santa.  This tradition has lots of room to make it either personal or light hearted, but either way, your kids will love receiving a letter back from Santa.

Pop out some sparkling grape juice

As a kid, nothing made me feel more grown up this drinking sparkling white grape juice in a fancy champagne glass.  Kids will love this tradition of gathering around for some “grown up” drinks.  You can add a cheese plate and other Christmas appetizers to enjoy with the family.  Throw on some awesome Christmas tunes and watch as your kids get into the Christmas spirit.  If you don’t have kids, pop open that fancy bottle of wine or other liquor that you don’t drink on every day occasions.  It’s Christmas!  It’s okay to indulge in the finer things.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?  Let me know in the comments!

One more day left of Blogmas!

I’ll see you guys on Wednesday – back to the regular schedule.  Merry Christmas!

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