4 Yankee Candle Christmas Scents That You’ll Want To Have All Year Long

This late in the month, I’m sure you’ve all stocked up on some of your favorite holiday scents to really add to the festiveness of the season. If you haven’t, you are totally missing out on one of the best parts of Christmas. Just imagine walking into a sea of peppermint candy canes or sweet cookies.

Honestly, I don’t see why these scents aren’t popular for most of the year.

If you’re wanting to add some new scents into your life, here are some of my favorite ones that you’ll want to have in your homes all year long.

Christmas Cookie


This scent is a favorite of my family’s. It has just the round amount of sweetness to it and makes me want to cook up a batch of cookies to enjoy. I highly recommend having it in your home for the season (and every other month of the year).

Cranberry Peppermint


Cranberries and peppermints are some of the key scents for the festive season – so why not mix them together? The two different scents really balance each other out. You’ll probably want to purchase a second so that you’re not upset when the first runs out.

Mountain Pine


If you love having fresh Christmas trees in your home every year, then this scent is for you. It really magnifies the scent and brings you a luscious forest of mountain pines that you could just get lost in for days (or months… or years). This is also great for you if you don’t want a sweet scent in your home.

Mulling SpicesĀ 


Another holiday scent that you can’t evade is one of cinnamons and vanillas. Open up your senses with this divine candle of your favorite spices. Again, this is one that isn’t too sweet and gives a really nice scent around the home that you’ll never want to get rid of.

We have our holiday candles burning in our home this weekend and we’re soaking in all of the delicious scents. What are some of your favorite festive Yankee candles? Let us know in the comments down below!


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