My Favorite Christmas Party Attire

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to get our wardrobe ready for Christmas parties!  Here are some of my favorite pieces for this year’s holiday bashes.

Literally, Gold Anything

I freaking love gold, right now. (I even used it as one of my wedding colors.) Gold eyeshadow, gold jewelry, and now gold outfits.  Having a gold statement piece is definitely a way to up your wardrobe game this Christmas. It’s sparkly, festive, and is sure to have you standing out (in a good way!)

Christmas Party Attire
Christmas Party Attire

Red Tulle Skirt

A red tulle skirt is perfect for a fun yet fancy look.  This red skirt screams Christmas and is easy to pair nice tops with.

Christmas Party Attire

Christmas Leggings

Depending on the type of party, Christmas leggings may be a festive way to celebrate the holidays.  Pair a solid colored dress over them, and you’ll be the epitome of Christmas in no time!

These fair isle style Christmas leggings are great fun to wear this holiday season and they often go on sale.

Plaid Skirt/Dress

This plaid skirt is fun and modest.  It’s Christmas-y enough without being too overbearingly Christmas-y.

Christmas Party Attire


And if you’re still running out of ideas/wardrobe pieces, you can always buy a Christmas dress like the one I bought!  It’s easy and cheap and will make you feel that Christmas holiday cheer in no time!

Happy Blogmas, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

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