How to Find that Perfect Present for the Hard to Shop For

With Christmas right around the corner I am sure that everyone has crossed off their Christmas list and checked it twice. But is there a name still there? That one friend who has everything? Or that Aunt who says they don’t need anything? Well with my three secrets to gift giving you can find that perfect present to have everyone on your list calling you the Gifting Queen this Christmas Season.

Secret 1: Listen

I keep my ears open all year so I know exactly what everyone wants or needs. Know someone constantly complains about something like their phone dying? Then get them a portable charger. Know someone goes through bottles of wine like you go through water bottles? Then buy them a corkscrew and a new bottle of wine. I think you get the idea. Keep those ears pricked for that subtle information that most people don’t even realize they’re giving out.

Secret 2: Know Their Interests

Another reason listening is key is my second secret; know their interests. If you love getting yarn because you love to knit wouldn’t that Aunt love a digital picture frame full of family photos? Learn what everyone on your list is in love with this season and find something in that area.

Secret 3: Branch Out 

Once you know what they want and where their love lies it’s time to be a little adventurous. Take what you have learned about those you love and think outside the box. Here’s where you can expand their field of interests and give them the perfect present. If your cousin loves comic books try buying them a similar manga. Or if your best friend loves knitting then give them a book on how to make their own clothes. The point is to buy something they would never think to buy for themselves. Buy something they never knew they needed.

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