6 Fun Gifts to Use As Stocking Stuffers This Year

I don’t know about you, but I have some deep fascination for Christmas stockings and all the goodies that go into them. It’s always an adventure because there are multiple little gifts that always put a smile on my face.

If you’re trying to figure out stocking stuffers for your loved ones or friends this year, here are some absolutely perfect gift options.

LUSH Bath Bombs


There’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing bath with your favorite bath bomb fizzing away. And if you know bath bombs, then you know that LUSH is the place to get them. I’d maybe recommend staying away from giving your loved ones glitter-filled bombs without know that they’d like to bathe in glitter.

Spin-The-Shot Drinking Game

Spin-The-Shot Drinking Game

This is the perfect gift for your alcohol loving friends. If they often have social gatherings or parties at their place, then this would be a fun game for them to play with guests.

STILA Mermaid Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Collection


Because we all deserve to sparkle like mermaid scales for holidays. This liquid eyeshadow is the perfect gift to add a special something to your gift.




If you’ve ever joked about your Number Two smelling like roses, you can get pretty darn close with some of the Poo-Pourri scents. This is a perfect stocking stuffer (especially for people with roommates). And it works, which is why everyone should have it anyway.

Pandora Jewelry Charms

Pandora Jewelry Charm

For your fashion lover friends, who can’t get enough of accessorizing. If they don’t have a Pandora bracelet, get them started with a bracelet and charm that fits their personality!

Cable Clips 

Cable Clips

We all know the pain of unplugging our phones for a moment just to have the cord fall into the abyss below the table. Help your friends avoid this torture by giving them these super cool cable clips to keep their cables in place.

What are you buying for stocking stuffers this year? Help inspire us by commenting down below!


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