A Review of a Christmas Dress from Rose Wholesale

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You may have seen ads floating around from Rose Wholesale advertising their Christmas dresses.  I saw one of them and excitedly told my husband that I really wanted this red dress in particular.  He, being the awesome person he is, actually ordered it for me.

So here we are, me with my awesome new Christmas dress, sharing my thoughts on it with you.

First, I really love the vintage style of this dress.  I could easily wear this as a pin up dress making it non-exclusive to Christmas.  When my husband told me he had ordered it, I was a bit skeptical of how it would turn out as I have ordered clothing from online stores before and they always seemed to fail to meet my expectations.  And seeing how this dress was $15, I wasn’t expecting much.

I’m glad to tell you, my expectations were met.  The dress is true to the picture and actually fit!  I have a very small bust (as some of you may know from my how to dress a small chest post) and buying clothes is such a pain and is a gamble when I can’t even try it on.  My husband ordered me a small (size 4) and while is a little loose up top, it’s not so terrible that I can’t wear it.  For those of you more endowed than me, consider this a warning that the top may be a bit too small.  Although, they do offer a plus size version if need be. 

My complaints are small ones.  I’m not a fan of the material.  It is made of polyester and it feels extremely thin and wrinkles easily.  It almost feels made of lower quality fabric.  The website says the dress is knee length, but on a shorty like me (5’3″), it falls below my knees which I don’t prefer.

All-in-all, I love this dress and would recommend it, especially with it being as cheap as it is.  I can’t wait to sport this dress at Christmas this year!

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