7 Christmas DIY Decorations to Add Some Festiveness to Your Home

I’ve been needing to step it up on my decorating in my apartment. I definitely don’t have unlimited funds to go purchase all these amazing decorations (cue the tears streaming down my eyes), so DIY decor is the way to go to make it cheap and fun. As with everything, the best place to turn in this type of situation is Pinterest.

If you’re like me and trying to find some cute decorations to put up without emptying your wallet, here are some AMAZING DIY crafts that fate decided I need to know about.

Snow Strings


If you’ve been dreaming of living in a winter wonderland, why not make it snow in your own apartment. All you need is a piece of string, a needle, and cotton balls. I am honestly seriously putting these near the entrance of my apartment before everyone walks upstairs into the main part of my home. It’d be so cute! (Also, don’t these remind you a little bit of Alyssa’s floating ornaments?)

Christmas Ornament Wreath


I swear, it’s almost a necessity to have a Christmas wreath during the holidays – or at least some sort of decoration for your front door. I love this one because it consists almost entirely of ornaments and just looks dazzling.

Miniature Christmas Scene


This idea is spectacular, because it’s a little different from the normal DIY Christmas decor that you would see. Grab some sort of container – an old lantern, a box, a jar – and create a fun little holiday scene in it.

No-Sew Sock Penguin


Penguins are just some of the cutest creatures out there, so it’s wonder why they show up as a part of the holidays in decorations and clothing. If you have a lot of love for these little guys, this no-sew sock DIY craft is probably just for you. Maybe make two, so your first one doesn’t get lonely.

Christmas Ornament Tree


Okay, so it’s getting to be glaringly obvious that I have a love for Christmas ornaments in any and all sorts of decorations. But, honestly, how could you not love this holiday DIY? It’s super festive and looks elegant. You could pass these off as a store decoration, but hopefully you’ll let everyone know just how awesome your crafting skills are if you decide to make these.

Sparkle Tree Branches


Everyone needs a little bit of sparkle and shine in their lives, which is why it’s so glorious that glitter and glam is a major part of most Christmas decoration schemes. These glitter tree branches are absolutely fab and fit right in with that theme.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes


This is another fun one – and I’m almost considering eating a whole packet of popsicles to get some multicolored snowflakes (how fun would that be?!). Creating these oversized snowflakes is pretty simple and that also makes this DIY craft a must.

Found any cute DIY Christmas decorations that you want to do? Share and comment below – we’d love to see pics of what you’ve put together!


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