10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Rock this Holiday Season

With the amount of impending holiday parties in the near future, you can bet one of them will require you to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. The uglier, the better.

They’re honestly so fascinating. Even if they’re horrendous, they still look cute. The logic does not compute.

I swear, they are probably made with some sort of magic.

I’ve looked around the internet just a bit (okay, more than a bit), and found my top ten fave ugly sweaters to share with you. They’re kind of all over the place, but I think you’ll enjoy each and every one of them.

TipsyElves Green Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas Cardigan, $78

gaudy garland ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.tipsyelves.com

The garland really makes this sweater. I’m not even sure if it’s enough garland.

Prince Peter #SquadGoals Sweater, $55

#squadgoals ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.nordstrom.com

Because Rudolph and the gang are obvs #squadgoals.

Derek Heart Light Up Christmas Unicorn Sweater, $24.99

unicorn ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.c21stores.com

Why doesn’t Santa totally use unicorns to help bring joy to the world? Isn’t it a known fact that unicorns make people happy? (Btw, this sweater totes lights up)

TipsyElves Christmas Present Ugly Christmas Sweater, $59

present ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.tipsyelves.com

Surprise! I’m the only present you get this year.

Hybrid Apparel Star Wars R2D2 Holiday Sweater, $20.99

r2d2 ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.amazon.com

The Force is strong with this one.

Meowee Christmas Ugly Sweater, $21.95

meeowee christmas ugly christmas sweater

Meeowee Christmas. Get it? Oh, I just love these punny sweaters.

Forever21 Sequin Cheers Holiday Sweater, $24.90

cheers ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.forever21.com

Every girl deserves a little glam in her life – why not show some sparkle with your Christmas sweater?

I Sleigh Christmas Sweater, $24

i sleigh ugly christmas sweater

Sleigh all day, e’ry day.

Pekatees Daschund Through the Snow Sweater, $24.99

dachshund ugly christmas sweater
Source: www.amazon.com

I’m not biased at all because my family has a Dachshund, promise. This shirt is just plain adorable on its own.


Target Oh Snap Ugly Christmas Sweater, $27.99

oh snap! christmas sweater
Source: www.target.com

Oh, snap! That looks painful – and delicious.

Did you find a new fave ugly Christmas sweater to wear to all your holiday parties this year? Do you already have one that you’ll be sporting? Share and comment below – we want to know all about your ugly Christmas sweater!




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