Friendsgiving, a time to gather friends and maybe those family members you actually talk to on days other then holidays around a table and stuff your faces with traditions. In my circle this has been a tradition long before the phenomenon of Friendsgiving. It all started when we realized that each of us had enough leftovers to feed armies and armies we were not. So after everyone had spent all their money on Black Friday shopping and sent their relatives back to wherever they had come from we met for a feast of friends.

Now the most important thing of Friendsgiving is that you are surrounded by people you want to be surrounded by. We all know those relatives we’d rather not see but can’t avoid on holidays. That aunt who constantly asks when you’re going to start dating. Or that cousin who just annoyingly seems to have her whole life figured out and yours is less so. Well for Friendsgiving they’re off the guest list. Instead bring that friend with the crazy stories, and that one who always brings the best booze, and the one who can make everyone laugh with the awesome jokes.

The second most important thing of Friendsgiving is good food. Every year we make a menu of what we have leftover and bring the best of the best. We throw out that weird congealed stuff from the family Thanksgiving and bust out the real cranberry sauce. This holiday is all about good food and we have it aplenty. All the traditional foods are present at our Friendsgiving: turkey, stuffing, greens, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, and everything else. What we don’t have we spend the morning cooking while we drink wine and gossip. It’s like the more laidback younger brother of Thanksgiving.

The third component of a perfect Friendsgiving is the traditions. Much like the family Thanksgiving we have a few things that must happen every year. Every year after we eat we gather around the television and watch Charlie Brown specials. Then, when we can finally roll ourselves off the couch, we decorate for Christmas. You may think this is a bit early but nothing beats watching stuffed and tipsy people try to decorate a Christmas tree, I highly recommend it.     But these traditions are more than just an excuse to eat and watch children’s cartoons. They are a way to strengthen friendships and remind everyone that they are surrounded by people who care. They are a way to get to know friends of friends and ease significant others into the important circle. So what are you waiting for? Call up those friends you’ve been desperately missing while listening to your uncles boring stories for the hundredth time and plan your own Friendsgiving.

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