How to Use Eyeshadow to Enhance Your Lipstick Looks

Some of my favorite lip looks, involve using eyeshadow on top of lipstick.  Using eyeshadow, I can get a finer tuned lip look involving multiple colors and/or creating a gradient.  Sure you could buy special lip liners and lipstick to achieve the same look, but why would you when you have a plethora of eye shadow at your fingertips?  Below is a go to look of mine involving a gradient.

I start off by applying chapstick to my lips and letting it absorb.  This is usually the first thing I do before I start applying any makeup to give my lips plenty of time to absorb it.  Then, I put on the lipstick of my choice.  For now it’s Kat von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Exorcism.  To add the gradient, I us an angled brush and take black eyeshadow to apply on the corners of my lips.  I make sure to apply it in a triangular shape as opposed to a block as to have it appear more natural and flow into the berry color more fluidly.  To finish off the look, I sometimes do one small coat of the lipstick again, to help soften any sharp lines and create a more gradient color.


You can use this technique to create so many unique looks.  Sometimes the lipstick isn’t even necessary; just apply eyeshadow directly to your lips!  (Although, be sure to use lots of chapstick as the eyeshadow can be quite drying.)  This is what I did for my Halloween look Witchy.

Have any looks you want to show me?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

I’ll see you next Wednesday!

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