Five Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

My favorite time of year has come around – the time of haunts and magic and transformations! There is so much creativity that comes alive during the Halloween season. I love seeing the decorations, food, and costumes and makeup that make this time of year really come alive.

But maybe the hardest part of joining in on the fun is figuring out exactly what costume I want to wear this year. Princess? Fairy? Spy?

There are honestly too many options.

So, if you’re trying to figure out some ideas for upcoming Halloween parties, here are a few of my fave looks to put together that don’t require you spending an arm and a leg.

A Cute Giraffe


Giraffes are my favorite animal, so why not dress up like one? Find a onesie or a cute maxi dress with giraffe print.

A Royal Queen


Stop by Icings or Walmart to grab a cute tiara and some costume jewelry. Throw that on with your fanciest dress and you will instantly transform into the Queen that you are. I love this look because it’s so regal and really fun to wear around.

┬áKiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service


Please tell me you’ve seen a Miyazaki film! One of my favorite films growing up was Kiki’s Delivery Service. Her outfit is really simple to throw together. All it requires is a purple dress and a red ribbon in your hair. Grab a broom (every witch needs one!) and you’re all set.



Love adventure? Be your own version of Indiana Jones! For this outfit you’ll need: one fedora, one faux leather jacket, jeans, a simple tan top, and a pair of boots that will help you navigate through danger.

Dragon Sorceress


Hey, maybe it’s no┬áDaenerys, but you can still be your own Dragon Sorceress/Queen/Ruler. For this outfit, I just threw together a cute black dress with a fun wig. I accessorized with this dragon eye necklace, which holds all of my “powers.”

Of course, these aren’t the only things that you can choose to be for Halloween! There are tons of sites out there with ideas for last minute costumes (like here and here). The most important part is to have fun with it and do something that you think is fun!

Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween? Share and comment below! I’d love to hear any fun or cute ideas that you have!





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