OOTD: High Waisted, Asymmetrical Skirt and Long, Loose Sleeves

Recently, I made a trip to the mall and came back with my now, all time favorite outfit. I am obsessed with high waisted skirts with a tucked in top so of course I had to purchase this new outfit.

The skirt came from Von Maur and upon seeing the mannequin wearing it, I knew I had to get it.  The skirt features a soft plaid design and two fake zippers as an accessory.  My favorite thing about this skirt is the fact that it’s asymmetrical.  I love asymmetrical things–example: my wedding ring.  The skirt sits an inch or two above my knee, making it perfect for wearing to the office.

The shirt (technically a leotard) came from Express.  I love the long, loose sleeves and the lacy pattern at the end of the sleeves.  It’s a solid maroon color which I knew would be perfect to compliment the plaid of the skirt.  Unfortunately, the shirt is an off-the-shoulder kind, and can’t be worn into the office.

This outfit is perfect for almost anything.  I could downplay it and wear it while out shopping, or it could be accessorized for a night out on the town.  All in all, the outfit cost $50.  Each item was about $25 which isn’t bad since they were both half off.

What did you think about this outfit?  What are your OOTDs?  Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll see you next Wednesday,

With Love,


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