Bronzed Bunny Brows

Finding your fave place to get your eyebrows done can be hard – at least, that’s the experience that I’ve had. I’ve been in cramped rooms, had awkward small talk, and had a few times that I was just not over the moon excited about the outcome of the waxing. Plus, the pain of getting my eyebrows waxed (ouch!).

Flashback to a few weeks ago when a new salon in town, Bronzed Bunny Airbrush & Sugar Spa, messaged me on Instagram about their business. In exchange for an Instagram post, they’d provide a service and allow me to learn a bit about them.

Of course I went in!

My eyebrows were a little unkempt and needed some major work done. I had been anxiously awaiting their prettification. And I was not disappointed when I went in this weekend.

As soon as you enter the Bronzed Bunny in South Austin, you’ll come upon some merchandise for sell – comfy clothes that are perf for working with your spray tans and some super cute jewelry (my favorite bracelet read “Not today, Satan, not today”). The waiting area is also really nice and you can grab a water or Bellini to sip on while you chill before your appointment.


I jumped straight into a room to get my eyebrows done, where I had a nice little bed/table to lay down (and a pillow!). New Girls was on the tv across from me and a sign behind me that encouraged hugs and smiles, but no crying! The girl that worked on my brows, Jordyn, was super friendly and really easy to talk with. We had a full conversation, which was nice because the norm for me in the past has been: 1. awkward small talk or 2. silence.


Jordyn did a little reshaping of my brows and some much needed cleanup. She was super gentle with the waxing – I didn’t jump at all! Then, she did some detail work with her tweezers to finish up.

I was super happy with the results! My brows look fantastic!


I’d highly recommended checking the Bronze Bunny out. I had an absolutely wonderful experience. If you’re not interested in getting your brows done, they have a ton of other services, too – spray tans, sugar treatments, and BB sculpting.

Have you heard of the Bronzed Bunny before? Where’s your favorite place to get your eyebrows done? Please share and comment below!



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