Diary of a Beauty Beginner: Snail Cream

Before you say EW! let me remove the image of snails sliding down your face from this conversation. I am not telling you to go order a plate of escargot for your face or to go snail hunting in your backyard. All you have to do is go online or to your local beauty department to find this slow sliding (a snail joke get it?) beauty trend.

To start with let me tell you exactly what snail cream is. It is a face cream, serum, whatever, that contains snail mucus (obtained without harming the snail). Now if you read a bottle of snail cream they all tout it as an all-encompassing face woes cure-all. We all wish right? I did a little research, so you don’t have to, and found that snail mucus actually a heavy-duty moisturizer that also stimulates collagen and elastin production. This mucus is rich in skin loving nutrients such as hyaluronic acid (a skin tone brightener and plumper).  Basically this ingredient loooooooooooooves your skin (but is not a miracle cure).

After getting over my own case of the ickies! I bought a jar of Mizon snail cream and fell in love. It looks and feels like any other cream with a faint smell that is not unpleasant. As I applied it to my face I felt my skin giving a sigh of true love and knew my skin loved this cream back. After one use my skin just felt better taken care of. After a few days my skin was softer and felt hydrated without being oily. After nearly a year of use I would sneak this product into the shopping cart of everyone I know! Those creepy crawlies certainly know how to stay young.

And now onto the part that everyone dreads, the price. Every time I walk down the skin care aisles I come out the other side with a panic attack. Those prices are scarier then anything you’ll see this Halloween. But fear not, depending on brand snail cream is fairly affordable. The cream I use is about 13$ a jar and a decent size jar (one has lasted me nearly a year). So go ahead and order that plate of escargot (not really, don’t sit in a restaurant with snails on your face, buy a jar of cream) and join the true love of skin and snail mucus.


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