Make Honey Work for You

Everyone knows the sticky golden sweetness that comes from bees. We eat it on crackers or peanut butter sandwhiches or drink it in tea. But what not everyone knows is that honey can actually do more for you then just delight your taste buds. Here are just a few of the many wonderful ways honey can work for you.

1-Help relieve allergies

If you suffer from allergies look no farther than local honey. This type of honey contains pollen from the local plants that are currently the bane of your existence. This pollen containing honey can make you less pollen sensitive.

2-A healthier sweetener

If you are dieting or just looking to cut out the white stuff known as sugar then honey is your friend. Just replace your sugar with honey in recipes to lower your calorie counts.

3-Cold sore treatment

If you suffer from cold sores and have tried everything, including the ever expensive Abriva, then try honey. Just dab some on the cold sore and let it dry. Honey helps soothe the cold sore and treat it better than any medicine.

4-Hair mask

Honey can be used similar to coconut oil in your hair. Mix some honey into warm water and apply to your hair then let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly then enjoy your healthier shiny hair.


The same properties in honey that make it a great hair mask also make it a great face mask ingredient. Add a dollop of honey to your next face mask recipe and enjoy the skin softening benefits.

6-Help cure acne

Another great reason to add honey to your next face mask is that honey has antibacterial and other properties that help soothe and treat acne. For those of us out there looking for a great acne fighter that soothes instead of drying honey is a great find.

7-Help relieve a sore throat

A dollop of honey in your warm drink, or even straight, can help soothe your sore throat. With cold season coming up home remedies are a great topic to explore.

8-Heal wounds/burns

The same properties of honey that help it fight acne help it treat wounds and burns. Using raw honey to treat small wounds, burns, or sunburns is another old home remedy that everyone should discover.

9-Soothe bee stings

Ever wonder how those hundreds of bees crammed in that tiny hive do not sting each other? Well they have a secret you’re about to discover. Bees are coated in honey, which helps any friendly fire stings. So the next time you are stung by a bee just slather on some honey. This will not only soothe the sting but also help raise the stinger.

10-Relieve nausea

Drinking honey with some lemon juice and ginger (I mix it into tea) can help with a nauseous stomach.


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