My New Obsession with Glitter Lips

Until recently, all I’ve seen of the glitter lip trend has been the super exotic marketable pics on Instagram. They’re fun, but not something that is good for everyday wear (and especially not in an office job). I wasn’t sold.

But then I found out about the release of Ciaté’s Glitter Flip that had quite a few beauty bloggers raving. If you haven’t heard about this product, it’s pretty magical. Apply matte lipstick, rub your lips together, and watch the glitter magically appear! Basically, it takes away all the hard work that normally goes into getting your glitter lip on.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.14.09 PM
Source: Sephora

Basically, I needed it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that it’s a Sephora Exclusive, so I kinda wandered into Ulta like a fool asking for it. You’ll understand that I was a bit disappointed.


I found another magical product that gives you glitter lips just as easily – and it’s probably a better use of money (no offense, Ciaté, because your Glitter Flip is absolutely amazing): the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat. Obvs I don’t buy Urban Decay products that often, or I would have had this months ago when it was first released.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.21.28 PM

My favorite thing about the topcoat is that you can literally apply them to any other lip color that you have on. I purchased “White Lie” just because it was so versatile – and it looks great on!

I also bought a collection of mini sample size Vice lipsticks. I am super excited to try them with the glitter topcoat.

This blogger is excited about her latest makeup haul and my new discoveries. Have you tried the glitter lip trend yet? Any fave products that help you achieve this look? Share and comment below – I need to know what the best glitter lip product is!



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