Double Cleanse: Day 1

For a while I was very skeptical about the double cleanse method of skin care. I would do it here and there when I remember but not enough to say I’m really doing it. Well after reading the The Little Book of Skin Care by the founder of the site SOKO Glam (a recommended read for anyone interested in the Korean skin care method) I decided to revisit this Korean method of washing your face. For those of you not familiar with this method it is a two step process of washing your face. First you apply an oil cleanser to your dry face and massage it in with a little bit of warm water on your hands. This rids your face of built up oil and any oil soluble dirt. Then you wash it off and apply a water based cleanser to wash off any water soluble grime on your face. Then you pat your face damp (I recently learned that a damp face absorbs more then a dry one) with a towel. After your face is damp continue with your normal skincare routine (remember moisturize moisturize moisturize).

After reading the back of my honey banana cleanser (from My New Favorite Cleanser) to check that it was water based, off to Amazon I went to buy an oil cleanser. After some research I chose the resveratrol Clean It Zero by Banila Co. which is formulated to help shrink pores.

Since I have only ever used coconut oil for the step of oil cleansing (you can continue to do this but know that it may leave a residue and is not formulated to completely wash off your skin) I sat down and read the instructions. These were pretty straight forward and so I got to work. With my face dry I scooped out a little of the balm (which is solid in the jar) and began smoothing it over my face. The oil is slick and as it warms from your hands it turns into more of a liquid. Adding a little bit of warm water I massaged it into my face. Starting at the C’s under my cheek bones I made my way over and up my nose, then across the forehead and down around my face to under my chin (repeat this process for a few minutes to massage in the cleanser and help stimulate circulation). Once I felt good and massaged I washed the cleanser off with warm water.

As my water based cleanser I used my Honey Banana Cleansing Foam by Scinic. This step am a pro at as I’ve been doing it for months now. I just squirted a little of the cleanser onto my face scrubber/massager and worked it over my face as it foamed up, paying close attention to my problem areas such as my nose. After my face was good an lathered I washed it off with lukewarm water and patted my face damp. Then went on to the next steps of my skin care routine.

While it is too early to honestly say I see any difference yet I felt it. My face feels softer and somehow cleaner. I honestly thought my face would feel stripped and have that tight feeling you get from really harsh cleansers. I mean washing my face twice should remove any chance your skin has of maintaining any oils right? Wrong. My skin actually seems a little more oily after using it (in a my face feels really healthy way, not an ew my face feels like a cheap pizza way). My skin feels happier with itself. Only time will tell if this method really cleans out my pores better and gives me clearer more radiant skin.


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