My September Reading List

When it comes to books I admit that I’m a prude and incredibly picky.  I blame my English degree, but regardless, it’s hard for me to enjoy a book without dissecting it and seeing what’s wrong with it.  But, I still try to read regularly because, as a writer, it’s important to read regularly.  Reading exposes you to new ideas, styles, and vocabularies.  It teaches you new techniques and writing boundaries.  Reading is so important to a writer that as I was obtaining my creative writing degree (technically English, but I specialized in creative writing), I only had four creative writing classes my entire college career while the rest were literature based studies.

So I’ve come to accept that I need to get off my literature high horse and start reading again.  To help get me motivated to read and to satisfy my craving for high quality literature, I selected a classic as my first choice:

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  You may have had to read this in high school, I certainly did and I hated it every step of the way, but it truly is a good read.  I didn’t appreciate it at the selfish age of 14, but now that I’m older, I’d like to take another whack at it–read it with a more mature approach.  I particularly enjoy dystopian settings having had to read the fourth installment of Gulliver’s Travels as well as the classic piece by Thomas More, Utopia.  Fahrenheit 451 takes this dystopian setting and places it in the future, leaving us readers a warning of what to avoid.  I’m looking forward to actually reading this novel this second time around.

The second novel on my reading list is by the great mystery writer, Agatha Christie.  I hadn’t heard of her until my most recent trip to the bookstore and her book, And Then There Were None caught my eye.  Having learned she is a highly regarded author of her time, I am quite excited to try out this novel.

As for now, I’m leaving myself with two novels to work on through the month of September.  In between, that I hope to continue working on my own personal novel. I know I’m a gigantic literature prude, but hopefully I’ll be able to find my own niche and these novels will start me down a good reading path.

I’ll see you next Wednesday!

With love,


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