OOTD: Bright Colors and Airy Fabrics

I met up with my parents yesterday at the outlet mall to walk around and eat lunch. I grabbed the first dress that I could think of and had some fun with my outfit. Because, obviously, there’s no real way to overdress for going out. This gorgeous piece is from Cato Fashions (one of my fave places to get fashionable yet affordable clothes). The material is very light, very airy – and absolutely perfect for the summer heat. Plus, the colors are so bright and bubbly! Though fall might be a month away, I’m holding on to summer colors for as long as I can.

This is one of those dresses that are just slightly¬†too long, so I threw on a pair of nude-colored heels to prevent it from dragging on the ground. Don’t you think they add a little classiness to the look?

I tried several purses with this, but the pattern really requires something simple and neutral so that there’s not too much going on (I’ll never be one for mixing patterns, even if it is a trend).

One of my favorite things about doing makeup for this outfit is that I was able to use my Ablaze eyeshadow palette from Smashbox. I’ve waited almost a year to get this palette because it wasn’t sold in stores and I wanted to see it in person before buying (online shopping is not for me, unless it’s for things I’m not wearing). I tried to get a picture of my makeup, but none of the pictures were coming out good!

Photo credit goes to my mom!




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