Travel Adventure Diaries: South Padre Island

I’ve now officially been in all of the bodies of water surrounding the United States, which is really freaking cool. And what I’ve learned this summer is that I really really like the ocean. Besides being just breathtakingly beautiful, the water is a lot of fun to play in and takes away all the stresses.

First of all, I’d really suggest using HomeAway or AirBnB to rent a house or condo. While the hotels seem to be off of the beach as well, there’s a good chance you’ll be right off of a beach entrance while staying at a home. The plus side is that you get nice beds, an actual kitchen to cook in, and your own private space. We got pretty lucky with a real spacious two story house.

The island is pretty small, so a lot of things are in walking distance. Or if it’s that sort of heat that makes you want to melt into a puddle, then it’s not a long drive at all to get to the restaurant you want to go to for dinner. The beach is super close, so you don’t have to worry about getting sand all over your car and nightlife activities are within walking distance (no worries about picking who is DD!).

My favorite part is that there are plenty of activities for someone visiting to do so that there is never any downtime. The beach, of course, is where you can play for hours (with ample supply of sunscreen) and not worry about anything else. But there’s also things like dolphin watching, fishing, parasailing, Schlitterbahn, nightlife, and horseback riding.

Honestly, I only got to touch a few of these things when I visited (which means I need to go back).

The trip out there can be a bit of a drive (about six hours from Austin), but it’s definitely worth it. There are so many amazing pieces to the trip – the acres of cotton fields that line the highways on the way down, the two mile bridge that takes you from the mainland to the island, the ocean (duh), dolphins (only one of the best creatures on this planet), having dinner while staring out at the sea, and watching fireworks from the balcony of your HomeAway (and the fireworks are literally across the street).

Here are a few pictures, because words don’t quite do it justice:

A view of the beach from Meagan’s wedding venue (can you say heart eyes?)


This was kinda right outside our HomeAway


I held a living starfish!
A shrimp boat that we followed on the dolphin tour because some dolphins were jumping out of the water at the bow of the boat. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab any pictures (sad face).
The dream team that saw all the fun things!
The fireworks that we saw from the balcony in the back our of rented home. 
Someone’s pelican sand art!

My only question – when can I go back?! I think I’ve decided I want to be that lifestyle travel blogger that lives off of the beach and has all the cute pictures of a tropical life. Who’s with me?

Have you been to South Padre? What’s your fave part? Or, if you haven’t been, what is your favorite beach to visit? Share and comment below!




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