Take the Plunge

I am not usually one to take risks. Usually I am the one curled up under my blankets fighting change tooth and nail. Unfortunately being a young adult means that your life is going to be changing, growing, and morphing from being a child/teenager into being an adult. At 25 years old I am still experiencing new things about the world and myself. One thing I have learned about myself is that I am capable of doing things I never thought I could (like dancing on an empty dance floor, working in the clinic by myself, or moving to a university).

Some risks seem so small like little puddles and some seem so large like an ocean that I never know where to begin. In my experiences the best way to take a risk is to simply jump/wade in and before you know it, you’re doing it. It’s still frightening to take a risk but if you do it one small step at a time the bigger picture seems less daunting. You’ll be in the middle before you even realize how far you’ve come.

Take a deep breath and take that first step (grab a dance partner, put your gloves and shoe covers on, talk to the transfer office). At the end you’ll be thankful you did and you’ll be amazed that you did it. There may be some hiccups or delays along the way (not everything is smooth sailing) but if it’s worth jumping off the dock for then it’s worth swimming in choppy waters. When you reach that goal at the finish line you’ll be one step closer to achieving every thing you want.

One last piece of advice is don’t be afraid to ask for a life line, or to accept a dingy from others on your “swim”.


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