Wedding French Manicure


You especially want beautiful nails on our wedding day considering how some of the focus will be on your hands as you place rings on each other’s fingers.  The photographer is likely to get some good shots in of your hand with the ring on it so having well manicured nails can really emphasize the shot.  But the trick is, is to not go overboard.  That’s why I chose to go with a french manicure.  It’s a classic and beautifully understated; I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about the color of my nails clashing with my white wedding dress.

But I wanted something with a little more pizzaz than a simple french manicure.  I decided to go with an intricate design on both of my ring fingers.  The result was less stunning as I had hoped but that’s what happens when you don’t ensure from the nail salon that they’re capable of such intricate designs.  But in the end, I was satisfied with my manicure and I’m sure I got some good pictures with them at my wedding.

If your wedding is approaching, I highly suggest the classic french.  It goes with anything and won’t overpower the stunningness of your dress!


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