OOTD: Denim Meets Polka Dots

While things have been a bit hectic lately, it hasn’t stopped me from picking some of my most favorite outfits yet. And while I tend to like putting together statement outfits that really catch your eye, it can be nice to find something a little more low-key but cute.

My favorite part about the below outfit (beside the fact that it involves polka dots) is that for some reason I haven’t evenĀ thought of pairing this dress and denim vest together. And as soon as I thought about matching them, I wondered why I hadn’t.


Sadly, you can’t see the slip that I put on underneath this, but I can assure you that I had some very cute white eyelets sticking out at the bottom (and lengthening the dress a bit for work!).

While I tried to keep the outfit simple, I found myself adding more and more jewelry on. However, since nothing was a statement piece (no big crazy necklaces stealing all of the attention and no bling-bling rings), everything seemed to blend right in.

IMG_3099 2

The final piece of the outfit was to throw in some earth tones, something neutral that wouldn’t take away from the overall feel of my style for the day. I got these shoes last winter at Altar’d State, but they’re also kind of perfect for the summer since they are so open.


I changed my purse out for this suede fringe one (also from Altar’d State). While it’s definitely boho style, it still cute to wear around for the day. And who can say no to fringe?

IMG_3104 2


What are your thoughts on this outfit? Yay or nay? Feel free to share and comment below!



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