Wet n Wild Cosmetics

We’ve all been wandering the cosmetics aisle and decided to try something new. Something that just jumps out at us. Or something that we’ve heard about from somewhere. Well somehow a few of the pieces from the Wet n Wild brand rolled their way into my basket. At first it was just blush and a lipstick by them. These became a gateway drug into their contouring line (which I am still learning to use).

The first thing I noticed about this brand was that they were cruelty free, even placing a conspicuous logo on their products to make it obvious. I try to look for it in the brands I buy and I love that this brand obviously takes pride in this fact.

The second thing I noticed was the ease of use with this brand. You just have to pop the cap off and roll it onto you face or pat it on with a cushion. This is great for a beginner like myself. I usually end up having to hold my phone up with one hand to see where the highlighter or shading goes. These products are also easy to rub off so if I make a mistake I can just rub it off gently with my fingers.

This is not to say that these products don’t stay once they are on. I used the blush and highlighter in the morning and they were still evident by the early evening. I love the pigments in this product line as well. The blushes and contouring comes in different shades with fun names like Where’s Walnut. I’m not gonna lie, I wish figuring out which shade was mine was a little easier in the beginning. But once I found it, the stick matched my skin well. The blushes range from rosy to pink and shimmery to peachy. They have the color you’re looking for to make your cheeks pop.

Once on this make up doesn’t dry your face out or make it feel caked with make up. Some make up I have tried made my skin feel tight and kind of irritated. This line did not. I couldn’t even feel these products on my skin.

Finally the price. Most of the Wet n Wild products go for 6 dollars and under. Who doesn’t love budget make up that performs like expensive brands? Plus I’ve seen this line everywhere; Walmart, Walgreens, the Dollar Store, even CVS.

I highly recommend this line for beginners and pros alike. It is easy to use and keeps you from looking like a clown if you make a mistake (trust me I make mistakes).


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