Habitica: An RPG That Will Finally Have You Tackling That To Do List

It never fails.

During the week I make a nice to do list for the weekend and come every weekend, I manage to find ways to put the chores off.  This has left me with a very long to do list.  And an impeccable skill at making to do lists.

But recently I discovered a website/app called Habitica.  It combines RPG (Role Playing Game) with productivity, starting you off as a level 1 Warrior (at level 10 you can change your class; I personally will become a mage.) and levels you up as you complete real world goals.  You can obtain pets and go on quests with friends (either real world or in Habitica), the outcome depending on your successes with your real world goals.

I have been having a blast messing around with the app and currently am boasting a level 5 Warrior with a royal purple flying pig.  That’s right a royal purple flying pig.  Once my husband reaches level 3 I’ll report back on how the questing goes; I can’t wait to begin.

The premise is simple; there are 4 sections to encourage productivity:

This section is where you put down habits you want to start or quit.  When you do a good job, you hit the plus sign and gain experience plus gold.  If you mess up, tap the minus sign and your character will lose some health.  You can set the level of difficulty for each habit to determine how much experience you gain/health you lose.

Some habits I’ve been wanting to keep up for a while and maybe some inspiration for your own habit goals:

  • Quit biting my dang nails! I just want to be able to poke things with them if I want to for once. Yes, I’m an oddball and my reasons to quit biting my nails are strange.
  • Practice my Spanish. I’ve been messing around with DuoLingo recently and am enjoying practicing Spanish.  I’m also reading Charlotte’s Web in Spanish to help me learn as well.  This habit is easy to maintain because I have a lot of downtime at work and so I practice Spanish (or write blog posts!) during said downtime.
  • Washing my face/moisturizing twice a day. This is a habit I’ve been trying to get into off and on for several years now.  And with Brittany’s recent post about healthy skin habits, I’ve been meaning to get back into it.  I just really hate taking time out of my day to moisturize and clean my face.  Jokes on me though because I’m currently flaunting a beautiful, mountainous zit on my chin right now! TGFC! (Thank God For Concealer)

This section is where you set your daily tasks.  You can specify which days of the week they occur or whether they occur weekly, monthly, or yearly.  These tasks must be completed by the end of the day; if left uncompleted, Ouch!, your character takes some damage.

Dailies I have listed are just regular chores.  Like work responsibilities (sort the mail, stock the kitchen, etc.) and home responsibilities (feed the dog, brush teeth, etc.)

Like the Habits section, you can set the difficulty for Dailies.

To Do
Ah here’s where I pull out the dusty, miles long to do list I’ve accumulated.  Here, you write down the things you need to do that aren’t reoccurring like the dailies or habits. When completed, you gain some experience and gold.  To Do’s will not expire nor will they hurt you even if you delete them.

The final section is where you get to spend your hard earned gold.  You can buy equipment for your character or create custom rewards.  I’m obsessed with wine, so currently my only custom rewards include buying higher end wine. I’m not an addict, I’m an enthusiast.

The trick is to set the price high enough that you don’t reach it too fast, but not too high that it seems unobtainable.


I’m a gamer and RPG’s are a classic.  This app has really encouraged me to be more productive as well as my husband.  We hold each other accountable now and come time for quests, we’ll rely on each other even more to get stuff done so we can defeat bosses.  If you need a little help in boosting your productivity and enjoy games, I definitely encourage you try out the app and/or website.  Most of its content is free with the exception of some quests, but otherwise you aren’t limited in gameplay.

I wish you all a productive Hump Day!

With love,


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