Showing Love for Slogan Tees

I’m not gonna lie, I tend to stick to fashion tops and dresses (I’m sure you’ve probably realized this by now in our blogger/reader relationship). Graphic tees and slogan tees have never been my thing. But lately, I’ve been super in love with this fun trend and how you can dress it up.

There’s a reason this trend is something that we go back to time and time again. These shirts speak WORDS about your outfit… and your beliefs… and your passions… and just who you are. Sure, maybe some are too weird to actually get (or just strange enough?), but there’s no limit to what you can say.

And people are saying things. I love that fashion is being used as a platform as more than to just show off amazing styles – it’s been taken to a whole new level by going a bit political. Feminist shirts are everywhere. It’s kind of inspiring.

Of course, I’m not a political girl in the slightest. I tend to avoid it. A shame, I know, but politics just make me sad. Instead, I’ve been using this fun trend to show off my passions and throwing together some super fun outfits.

For example, throwing on a cute blazer (or like the fun polka dot jacket from White House Black Market below) can be one of the best accessories to add that pizazz that you are looking for. Have a cute statement necklace or a favorite choker? Throw that on as well – as long as it doesn’t cover up the message on your shirt!

These red high heels were perfect for both the quote and to add a pop of color into my outfit for the day. 

However, like all good things, slogan tees do not need to be dressed up to be cute and still get the message across. Make it simple and throw it together with a pair of your fave summer shorts or a cute wrap skirt.

ALWAYS be true to yourself. And your selfie.

I’m honestly looking forward to trying out one of these shorts with my tulle skirt. Now that is going to be an outfit.

What about you, dear readers? Any favorite slogan tees? Any punny ones? I’d love to hear all about how you are ROCKING this trend and showing off who you are.



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