Silicon Sponge…Meh?

The newest trend in the beauty world is the make up sponge made out of silicon, so of course one of us here had to try it out. I recently bought one and decided to try it today.

To start out with I noticed that it had more of a slick texture whereas my other make up sponge has more of a rough texture. This slickness helped it glide on my face more comfortably. Unfortunately this slickness also made it take longer to really blend my make up. It took me a few minutes more to apply my make up, and when I finally got it on my make up looked more caked on than usual. I still ended up pulling out my other sponge to blend it better. But on a good note there was no absorption of my make up into the sponge, and I could just wash it off between my BB cream and my foundation. It seemed more convienint in that I could use one sponge for both, but it was not a good blending tool. Maybe when I get better at using it the blending will get better? Of course as you wash it you either have to dry it off or let it air dry so this kind of takes away some convient points. It was also hard to tell which side of the sponge to use. There is a dip in the middle so I assume that is where your finger goes to hold it? Or is that like a well for your make up? I ended up trying both sides and honestly the smoother side seems to work better.

To sum up I give the silicon sponge about a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It kind of seems like a tool that’s more trend then function. It has both good and bad points. I like that more make up gets on my face rather then the inside of my sponge and I like how easy it is to clean. But I don’t like how this sponge works as a blending tool, it just kind of caked my foundation on my face. It’s something to try to say you tried it, and some may even prefer it, but for me I think I’ll stick to my other sponges for now.


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