How to Beat the Monday Dragons

First of all, Happy Belated Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there! I spent the day with my parents and watched a movie called Dragonslayer with them. Hilariously enough, I had just given my dad a book series about dragons as a gift.

Alas, the weekend is over and it’s time to move from the magical lands of dragons back into the workweek. Mondays are definitely a drag (not a dragon, though we might want to run from them just the same), but there’s a few things that you can do to start the week with the energy you need to power through.

  • Mix up the tunes. If you listen to music at work (remember, some times are better than others), maybe mix up your playlist to add some fun into the workday. While listening to new music can be distracting, it actually makes me feel better to have new stuff to jam to while I’m entering data or replying to emails. I usually stay so focused on work that it’s just background noise that helps remove distractions for me.
  • Get enough sleep the night before. Hitting the sack early on Sunday will get you the right amount of z’s to stay energized with on Monday morning. If you start the week tired, you can’t dive into everything that needs to be done with enough energy to be productive.
  • Turn it into a #FashionMonday. Or just dress to be a confident and happy you. It’s no lie that what you wear can affect your mood. Instead of just throwing something on before heading to work on Monday, take the time to get into an outfit that makes you happy and makes you feel confident. The days that I dress up are always days that I have my biggest smiles on my face.
  • Start the day with some movement. Remember my post back in April about having a fun morning routine to start your days? Get your body moving with either a great stretching routine or short (but effective) exercise. Something to get the blood flowing and help you wake up. It has some great benefits, like improving that energy we need to start the week off right!
  • Drink your water! I know, I know. Everyone stresses how important it is to drink your 8 glasses a day! I hate to be that person that drives the point again, but it really can help improve your productivity in addition to keeping your body healthy. And it’s so easy to get in those glasses of water! Just trust us on this one.
  • End the day with a fun activity. Whether it’s watching one of your favorite shows (hello, Shadowhunters) or going to happy hour with your squad (#squadgoals, btw), make sure to plan something that you can look forward to. I mean, it’s weird to tell people that you are actually looking forward to Monday but wouldn’t that be a nice feeling?

So how are you going to spend your Monday, dear reader? Any special things you do to make it a little more fun? Tell us down below!



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