My Go-To Websites for Plus Sized Clothes

I have a fuller figure then a lot of clothing lines account for. I wear a size 18 jeans and a size 20 dress. Unfortunately there are not a lot of cute clothes in these sizes (most are very outdated/never in style to begin with). But this budding fashionista was too stubborn to give up and accept either a weird burlap sack looking dress or a pinchy, tight, and poorly fitting pair of jeans. Through my dedicated searching (cough cough shopping sprees cough) I have found some great sites that carry amazing looking and on trend clothes for fuller figured ladies. I recommend knowing your size before you shop online to avoid multiple exchanges.

I absolutely looooove this store! The one in my area has a great selection and friendly employees that are eager to help. But sometimes it’s just easier to find what I’m looking for online with their larger selection. The clothes from this site are geared towards curvier woman, meaning they have more give in areas such as hips and chest. I love this as it makes the clothes not only fit better but look better on. They don’t constrict as much as clothes from other lines. All of their collections are on trend and so cuuuuute! As an added bonus their clearance section is huge and cheap.

I like the selection from this store in the way of comfortable clothes. They offer a lot of leggings andĀ jumpsuits/rompers in plus sizes. This site is my go to for clothes that are both comfortable and cute cause sometimes you just have to be comfy. A lot of their clothes are under 20$ and made to accentuate curves. They sell the type of clothes that make you love and want to flaunt your curves instead of hide them.

They have a smaller selection of plus sized clothes but what they do have are super cute. They had a cute pair of high-waisted shorts I have been looking every where for, for only 13$. My only complaint is that their plus sizes seem really big and their nonplus sizes seem really small. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. A large is too small for me but an x-large is almost too big for me. But I do like their outfit suggestions for the clothes.

This site has some unique clothes that I can’t find other places, but they are kind of expensive. This is more of a splurge site then a shop for everyday clothing site. They offer plus sizes but sadly not all of their clothes come in these sizes. I hate finding a cute dress or shirt and then not finding my size.

For all of the curvier fashionistas out these sites become a staple in your shopping sprees as much as they are in mine.


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