Travel Adventure Diaries: California Dreams

Remember last month when I was hinting at my much-anticipated vacation to California? Well, it happened. And it was amazing. I’m not crying because I had to leave, I promise. There’s just something in my eye. Both of them.

From the well-packed streets of San Francisco and the fun carnival feel of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to the magic (literally) of Universal Studios and upbeat boardwalk on Venice Beach, I got to experience a whole new world.

While I’d love write a whole book-length post about my trip, I’m going to leave you with just a few things I’ve learned and tips for travel of your own and a lot some pictures of my adventures in California!

  1. When your best friend tells you to bring a sweater, listen to her. Coming from Texas, I didn’t understand that there would be cold weather in May anywhere (except maybe the North and South poles?). I mean, we’ve already gotten to the 90s. But, unfortunately, the temperature was in the 50s when I got to San Jose. Luckily, I did bring a few long sleeve shirts. Unfortunately, I brought several pairs of shorts.
  2. Grab a cute suitcase for travel that is easy to pick out. I found a cute hard suitcase that has red roses printed all over it. It was easy to find right away at the airport and easy to take around with me.
  3. Bring sunscreen to sunny places. Maybe it was slightly chilly at some of my destinations, but the sun was shining brightly. My shoulders got a good taste of the sun (I mean, it hurt to lift my arms – ow!). Bring some sunblock and make sure to apply. We’re beauty/fashion divas – skin protection is important!
  4. Take the train along the coast if you have the opportunity. I took the train from San Diego to San Marcos to visit one of my friends and it was such an experience! I had fun getting to stare out the window at the ocean and take the train for the first time.
  5. If you go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, go for the wand that is made with magic. Like, seriously, it was so fun going around Hogsmeade and getting to use my wand to make the window displays move around. It’s worth putting the extra money into it.
  6. The Pacific Ocean is cold. I joked about jumping in the ocean and taking a swim, but as I was warned, it’s slightly freezing. I was able to dip my feet in the ocean but that’s about as deep into the water as I got. Maybe bring a wetsuit? The ocean was beautiful, though.
  7. Make sure to take important medications with you. Whether it be for allergies, migraines, or other health conditions, make sure to properly prepare for anything that could happen. My allergies acted up in Northern California, which wasn’t a big deal. But I did get a migraine the morning of my travel day just a few hours before I was about to take a flight to San Diego and then the train afterward. Let’s just say that morning was not my favorite and I will now make sure my migraine medication is on me at all times.
  8. Remember to check in to your flights as soon as you can. Especially if you are taking Southwest Airlines, where it is open seating. I was lucky enough not to get middle seating, but I didn’t get window seats until I headed back to Texas because that was the only time I checked in as soon as it opened up.


San Francisco’s packed housing and buildings!
Walked around Pier 39 in San Francisco and saw Alcatraz Prison!
There were also TONS of sea lions.
My friend’s parents drove us over the Golden Gate bridge because just saying you’ve seen it isn’t as awesome as saying you also went on it.
The beach and a boardwalk and a wharf all in the same place. It was a good day.
The ocean was BEAUTIFUL. When I’m rich, I’m having a place near the beach. Also, this was my favorite outfit the entire trip.
Totally had BBQ outside of Texas. And it was DELICIOUS.
I’ve been to Disneyworld a ton, but this was my first time to Universal Studios. I was super excited about it.
One of my favorite parts was a tour that we went on of the actual Universal Studios (we were row five). There were some AWESOME 360 degree 3D videos that we watched.
One of the buildings was actually recording when we drove by, so we had to be quiet.
Also, there was HARRY POTTER WORLD. My dreams were met.
This is the wand that I did magic with. I AM NOT A MUGGLE. ALERT. I AM NOT A MUGGLE.


The City Walk was super fun. I just loved this wall art and had to get a picture!
This was my second time in the ocean. It splashed all the way up to my shorts and was cold. Also, we totally walked by Muscle Beach on the way to the water but I didn’t get any pictures of the guys exercising because that would have been weird.

Any fun vacations this summer, lovely readers? Tell me about the time of your favorite travel trip or one coming up that you just can’t wait to get started! I’d love to hear all about it!



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