5 Reasons to Love K-Dramas

For those of you who don’t know a K-drama is a show from South Korea. Before you ask, yes they are in Korean, but sub-titles correct this problem beautifully. These shows are available on websites such as; Netfix, Hulu, and Dramafever; or you can buy them in DVD form on sites such as Amazon.

Reason 1: They’re the best level of drama

I am not the type of person to watch soap operas and love drama in my life. But I do enjoy an occasional drama filled moment in a tv show. K-dramas usually have just the right amount of omg drama without over doing it to the point of ugh not this again. I love the little moments of I’m crying right now drama or *gasp* oh no! drama that are perfectly spaced between a lot of moments of laughter and that’s so cuuuuuuuteee!!! Of course some drama’s have more angst then others. Dramas like To You In Full Blossom are more cute with a sprinkle of drama, ones like Scarlet Heart Reo and Descendants of the Sun have middle levels of awwh factor and oh no!, but dramas such as Iris have higher levels of drama.

Reason 2: They’re bite sized

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time, or energy to watch multiple seasons to discover what happens. K-dramas are usually around only 14 to 16 episodes long, some are even shorter. Some dramas are even more bite sized, perfect for those few minutes waiting in line at the bank or sitting on the train during your commute. (I recommend The Miracle or Dream Knight; each episode is only a few minutes long)

Reason 3: The Supporting Cast

Some of the secondary characters are just as magical, sometimes even more so, than the leads. I for one think the shamanistic best friend in Dream High 2 stole the show in a lot of episodes. Some times these characters make you laugh to near tears, and other times these characters just make you cry (Like Shinwoo’s character in You’re Beautiful). A lot of the times even the villains make you feel sorry for them (Ha nah in To You In Full Blossom, the Aunt in The Master’s Sun, or Junior in Dream Knight).

Reason 4: They Make You Love Couple

The majority of k-dramas don’t go past kissing but when the characters finally kiss you have fallen so in love with the characters that you squeal and celebrate for them like they just declared love and got married. Even when you want to reach through the tv and smack one of them, or  scream He Loves You! at the tv, you still can’t wait to see the next chapter of their story that carries them to the big L word.

Reason 5: The Sound Tracks

At least one track per show is actually made and recorded for that specific drama/episode. This makes the songs touch exactly what is going on in the show to amp up whatever feels are happening. These songs are usually beautiful and catchy and make you want to look up the soundtrack. Even the songs that are not made for the show are great listens. I have fell in love with many a song that I discovered through a K-drama.


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