Style Inspiration for Small Busted Ladies: Coral Dresses and See Through Waistlines

For us small busted ladies, clothes shopping can be a real drag as I mentioned in my general tips for dressing a small chest post.  But recently, I took a trip to Goodwill of all places and hit what I feel to be the jackpot in clothes that fit my uncurvy body.  For six dollars a piece, I found two sexy dresses that contour my body in flattering way without any need for alterations.  Who knew Goodwill held the answers to my clothing problems?

What works so well with these pieces is the emphasized waistline.  As mentioned in my tips post, an emphasized waistline is a good indicator that the outfit will fit because it tightens the bust.  On the other end, an unemphasized waistline gives more wiggle room for bustier women.  These dresses heighten the sexy factor as well with their see through waistline.  The black lace offers just enough of a peek underneath to play into my wild side while still maintaining a professional look.

The Cocktail Dress

This dress is perfect for cocktail parties or dinner dates.  Paired with a classic black heel, you can look classy yet sexy.  I am particularly thrilled at this find because of the neckline.  I was unsure of how it would fit me in the dressing room with the neckline not having one solid shape, but I was happily surprised at how well it fit my chest.  So well, I don’t even need to get it altered.  Score!  Being fond of unusual necklines, finding this dress made my day.

I also love the black netting-like waistline.  It doesn’t show too much, but flirts with the idea of being wild.  The shape of the dress is quite flattering as well since it naturally comes in at the waist, giving me a boost in appearing curvier than I am.  (Yay for having a rectangular body shape).

The Flirty Sundress

I love sundresses.  I’ve amassed quite the collection of sundresses because they’re classic.  What better way to feel lighthearted and fun than by wearing a sundress?  So of course I had to snag this dress as well.  Like the previous dress, this dress features a black waistline, although this one is more lacy than net-like.  I wasn’t worried at all about this dress fitting me.  It has the classic tell-tale signs of fitting small busted women like myself: emphasized waistline and a tight bust.

I personally love how flowy this dress is.  Also benefiting my boxy body, the flowy skirt gives a little more emphasis to my hips, pulling my waist in, and providing an illusion that I have curves.

Overall, the black waistline (regardless of whether its see through or not) is key to finding cute outfits that will fit you.  The color black helps pull in your waist, making you appear thinner and curvier, while the emphasized waistline pulls in the bust area.

I’m very happy with these dresses and even more thrilled that I found them for a whopping six dollars.  It just goes to show that new clothes are not always better.

I will be going professional clothes shopping later this week because I landed a job (finally, after 3 soul sucking months) and will need to update my wardrobe.  I’ll be posting my haul on Sunday so be on the lookout for that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please share with me your own clothing finds!

I’ll see you guys on Sunday!

With love,


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