May Fitness Challenge: Brittany’s Results

So, wow. That happened.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I am not an exercise person. Between having weak knees and just being unfit for forever, physical activity has never been my go to thing.

But after this May Fitness Challenge, I might be seeing things in a different light.

Meagan and I both participated in this fun challenge, both with goals specific to ourselves (Meagan focusing on speeding up her mile run and me focusing on getting in 150 minutes of activity per week) and what we wanted to see happen. So between lots of cardio and core exercises, eating healthy, and texting each other our favorite exercises or complaining about which part of the body hurt that day, we somehow managed to maintain the motivation to keep us going through the end of the month.

Meagan has seen some great results on her end. And, luckily, I’ve seen a few things that have resulted from the fitness challenge as well. Working out hurts less and I can last longer. Exercises that once hurt and challenged me are no longer something I complain about being too hard to do. Hand in hand with this is the fact that I have gotten slightly stronger – I can do some exercises that I once thought were impossible for me to pull off.

I also lost between three to four pounds (which is not a goal for me). I do want to lose some of my belly fat, but did not see any difference in this area. My plan is to move forward and focus more on a strict diet and fitness routine that will help build muscle instead.

My other goal is to also work on building my lung strength. I wanted to run for my cardio and could only last a few minutes before I felt like I was going to die because my lungs were working overtime.

So overall, I feel like this has been a great fitness challenge. I’ve discovered a new love for exercise and have been happier because of it. It can be hard to fit working out into my busy schedule, but it’s well worth squeezing it in.

More fitness is to come, but the May challenge is over! Meagan, are you ready for the next round?

And dear readers, we’d love to hear from you on your favorite exercises or how you like to stay fit and healthy! Please comment and share below!


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