Product Review: Bling Bling Eye Crayon

I have just been informed that my scheduled blog post disappeared. I apologize for the inconvenience and while we investigate this technical glitch I will do a short review of the Bling Bling eye crayon.

To start with, for those who don’t know an eye crayon is just eye shadow in a crayon form. I find this form easier to use then the palate and brush. You just un-cap it and run it back and forth across your eye lid like a lip crayon. That said I recently ordered a few of them from a brand on Amazon called Nanda.

This line, called the Bling Bling line, looked great on-screen. But while I was ordering it was a little confusing to figure out which color was which in the pictures. The names seemed simple; sky blue, lake blue, sapphire blue. But when you look at the pictures it is hard to determine which one is gold and which is golden brown or rose gold. Thankfully I guessed right and ordered the colors I wanted. I wish they had a picture of them labeled so it is easier to identify colors.

They came in a prompt manner, but not in great shape. A few of them were fine, but a few of them came twisted up and smashed into the cap. I had to take tweezers and dig the crayon out of the cap and smush it back into the bottom of the container. This of course made the product smaller and messier. I was really sad and frustrated that this happened. However, the low price of them kept me from returning them. Once I fixed this problem they seemed to be working.

The pigments were darker and shinier then I was expecting but they still look good on me. I recommend going lighter than you normally would with these crayons, especially if you’re extremely pale like I am. They still work and look good on when you match them right. (There are pictures of me wearing these shades on my personal instagram account amwolfie07) I have yet to use the dark blue or silver I bought but I have high hopes for them.

All in all I give this line a 3.5 stars out of 5. The product was great but there were a few hiccups. I feel that care should have been taken during packaging to ensure the product would not come the way it did. Most of the makeup I have received from an online provider came in sturdy boxes that kept this problem from occurring. But the actual product its self is easy to use and looks good on.


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