May Fitness Challenge: Seeing Progress!

As we enter week 3 of 4 of the May Fitness Challenge, I can say it has been quite a trip.  After surviving week one’s horrific cravings for junk food, and week 2’s lack of motivation, I have finally developed some good habits and more importantly, I’m seeing progress!

Week 1:

IMG_3183I had just begun the May Fitness Challenge, weighing in at 119lbs.  I’m skinny fat and am subconscious wearing bikinis and tighter fitting clothes, inspiring Brittany and me to start the challenge.  I cut out eating out and junk food, tossing out my chips and sweets and begun cooking lean meals with lots of veggies.  I started exercising 3-4 times a week, running and lifting weights.

Week 2:

IMG_3240 I started seeing some definition in my stomach.  After cutting out fatty foods and soda, my stomach flattened quite a bit.  I lost about 2 pounds (mostly water weight) and was able to run 1.75 miles in 24 minutes.  I joined My Fitness Pal and became much more conscious about my food selections.

Week 3:


I hadn’t really felt like I had been doing much.  The scale was not moving.  My weightlifting wasn’t getting better and my run times not any faster.  But when I took my third progress picture I was amazed at how much of a difference it was compared to week one.  My stomach is a bit more toned and I fit into clothes a little better. It is so relieving to have physical proof that all this effort of working out and eating healthy and has increased my motivation to keep going.

My tips to you if you’re just starting out in losing weight/getting fit:

1. Take progress pictures!  That physical proof is by far the biggest motivator, next to watching the number on the scale decrease.  And of course, once you hit your goal, showing off those pictures feels good too!

2.  Actually, take pictures of everything.  Your meals, your workouts, anything involving your new lifestyle.  I keep an album of them on my phone and seeing how well I’ve been doing encourages me to keep going when I feel like stopping.

3.  Get inspired by the community.  Join clubs, forums, subreddits, anything that gets you involved with others trying to lose weight.  No one likes feeling alone and weightloss can especially make you feel isolated if your friends aren’t about your new lifestyle.  Having others whom you can relate to and learn from is a big motivator and will contribute to a more likely success.

I hope you all are making healthy choices as well.  Please join Brittany and I on our fitness journey by staying tuned for more updates.  You can add me on My Fitness Pal @MeaganMakeover.  If you have any tips on being fit, please add them in the comments below!

I’ll see you next Wednesday!

With love,


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