May Fitness Challenge: Maintaining Motivation

Saturday morning welcomed me with rays of light shining down on me through the blinds in my bedroom. I turned the other way and curled inwards, groaning and hoping to catch a little more sleep before officially waking up. I didn’t want to do anything. Especially exercise.

But, as you know, Meagan and I are halfway through our May Fitness Challenge and keeping up with my goal (especially on the last day of the week) is kind of a necessity right now. I forced myself to get my butt out of bed, into some comfortable workout attire, and into the living room for a 34 minute routine focusing on legs and back.

I am feeling a little more confident in my ability to make it through this torturous fitness challenge. Exercise routines are coming to me a little more easily: squats don’t hurt my knees like they used to and the other day I was able to do two pushups without complaining. I’m also not as sore as I used to be after exercising (hopefully that’s a good thing?).

However, I’m probably not the only one who can say that maintaining motivation to push through can be just a bit, well, challenging.

There are a few things that I’ve done to help maintain this desire to get my minutes in and continue strengthening my body.

Keep a Workout Log

My goal is to get 150 minutes in of exercise a week – something that I’ve definitely been reaching (thank goodness). It really helps me to take a look at that log and remind myself of where I am. Only 45 more minutes this week. I skipped yesterday, I can’t skip today as well. It really helps me push myself because there’s a physical representation of my work to keep me accountable for the goals that I have set.

Schedule a Regular Workout Time

As Molly Ritterbeck says in her awesome post on maintaining motiviationpencil it in. If it’s on your calendar, you’re going to know you have a place to be at 6:30 PM every night – whether it be at the gym or in your living room. If you go at the same time each day, it becomes something that you are used to doing.

Keep Your Energy Up by Eating the Right Foods

Not only do I feel a little nasty after eating foods high in sugar, but it doesn’t leave me as energized as foods with lots of nutrients and vitamins that my body needs. If you want to maintain your energy throughout the day, make sure you are eating healthy from the very start and taking in all the right things. Meagan has some tips a few healthy meals that work wellSometimes losing that needed energy can be just the thing that pushes you away from your daily exercise.

Find Exercises that You Enjoy

Honestly, this should be the first thing that you work on when starting out. Try different routines and exercise equipment that works for you. Definitely don’t focus on what’s easy – you wouldn’t be exercising if you’re not tackling the hard stuff, too – but make sure to find things that are fun and that make you feel like a champion after you finish (a very sweaty, exhausted champion). I’ve discovered that while some of the videos on the Blogilates YouTube channel are tough, I really enjoy getting through them. That’s what you should look for – something challenging but fun!

Team Up with Friends

Fact. Exercising with friends is so much more fun. While Meagan and I may not be in the same state, we still take the time to share stories and workouts that we like. Or complain about how tired we are. Honestly, I know that if it weren’t for Meagan, I probably would have given up on this fitness challenge a long time ago (so, thanks, Meagan for helping me stay motivated and inspired!).


I’m feeling a bit inspired to work on my daily routine! I’m gonna grab my workout clothes and get started on my 30 minutes right now! If you have anything that helps inspire or motivate you to exercise, please share and comment below.



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