May Fitness Challenge: Meagan’s Week 1 Update

As Brittany mentioned in her May Fitness Challenge blog post, we have started a fitness challenge with the general goal of being more active.  We send each other workout videos and pictures of each other working out to encourage each other to stay on track.  My personal goals in this challenge are to speed up my mile run (currently at 12 minutes a mile), build a helluva lot more muscle, and most importantly of any workout training and diet: eating better.  I’ve kissed delicious Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A away as well as most processed foods in my home.  I plan to eat mostly lean meats with lots of veggies because while I don’t want to lose too much weight, I do want to get rid of this nasty fat on my stomach, thighs, and back.

My before picture

So here we are one week later.  I’m hurting.  Physically hurting for one; all of my muscles are absolutely killing me from lifting weights at my gym.  But what hurts more than the physical aspect is the mental one.  My fast food cravings are hitting me hard.  No joke, I feel like an addict.  I have to constantly remind myself that the fast food isn’t worth it.  That in order to burn my fat, I need to eat lean and clean.  But the cravings have gotten so bad that I’m actually dreaming about eating nachos from Taco Bell.  Every time I drive by restaurants my mouth waters.  It is so much harder for me to avoid eating junk food than it is for me to get my butt to the gym.  But I’ve remained strong so far.  And fortunately the cravings are starting to die.  But boy do I wish I’d crave carrots the way I do cheese. Ugh.

A typical meal for me

I started my first workout on Monday.  I ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill and managed to run 1.5 miles.  Wednesday I struggled a bit due to adjusting to my new exercise/meal regime and only ran 1.15 miles in 20 minutes.  Friday was better and I ran 1.5 miles in 19 minutes.

Monday was leg day for weights.  Wednesday was arm day (which killed me; my legs are way stronger than my arms).  And Friday was chest and back day.  (As I write this I’m massaging my poor, weak pectorals).

Today is Sunday so I’ll be hopping back on the treadmill later in the day and will rotate back to leg day.  Hopefully I’ll see some improvement from a week ago.

The first week has been difficult for sure.  Every muscle has ached at some point this past week and the fast food cravings have nearly been my breaking point.  But I’m tired of having a skinny fat body and am determined to stick this through.  Hopefully this week will be easier and I’m sure by the third week, I’ll be a bit more accustomed to my new meal plan and workouts.

Check in regularly on our blog and Instagram, @alleganyitblog, to see how Brittany and I are doing on the fitness challenge!

I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!

With love,


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