Fresh Beauty & My Happy Skin

I’ve been really interested in trying a skincare product that is a little more natural – something that won’t bleach my rags, ya know?

Lo and behold, right across from my favorite beauty counter at Nordstrom is Fresh Beauty. Cue the heavenly light.

What I love about Fresh Beauty is that it’s all natural ingredients. And you can tell. Their products smell amazing – I could swear a rose garden is growing in the rose mask container.

I’ve been trying several of the products this week: Soy Face Cleanser, Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, Rose Face Mask, Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask, and Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.


The Soy Face Cleanser is extremely gentle – it’s meant to be able to clean off the makeup around your eyes as well. No burning, no itching. It got off my makeup pretty well, but I still cheated and used my Lancome makeup remover before cleansing.

The entire rose brigade of Fresh products is just amazing. I love the smell and it’s feels so good when it is applied to my skin. It’s really refreshing and cool. Not to mention rose is great for moisturizing. My skin has been super soft since using these products.


One of my favorites this week has been trying the masks out. Fresh is known for their fantastic masks and I cannot emphasize enough how important this part of the skincare process is (Alyssa agrees). So maybe these are sheet masks, but the products are so natural and healing. The Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask is like magic! It’s really been helping get rid of all the nasty stuff living in my pores and clearing up my face.

Don’t forget to check out their lip treatment – smooth lips for days! They have some in really cute colors. A great way to mix lipcare and lip beauty all in one.

What are some of your favorite healthcare products, dear readers? Any other super natural skincare products that you’d recommend me trying out? Share and comment below!



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