My Lip Makeup Obsessions

With all of the lip options out there it can kind of get a little over whelming for beginners. As I explore the world of make up more and more (if you read my intro blog post then you’ll know that I am in fact a beauty beginner) I have developed an obsession with lip make up. Lip crayons, lipstick, lip tint, you name it and I have it. I literally have a whole tin of them (check our intsagram feed for pics :D). But since I had to learn through trial and error I decided to break it down for you.



Lets start with the basics, lipstick. This can come in all colors and forms. Some have lip loving add-ins like oils and vitamins. These tend to be creamier then other lip make up and longer lasting then gloss or crayons. Brand and color preferences vary based on personal preference. Lipstick can also vary in the way it looks on; metallic, matte, pearl, or frosted. Lipstick is one of the easiest to apply, just set the flatter area of the tip against your lips, apply light pressure (enough to see the color on your lips) and follow the lips of your lips until they are evenly covered. If your lipstick dries out your lips I suggest applying lip balm a few minutes before the lipstick. Be careful not to get it on your teeth though because lipstick is notorious for staining teeth. Lip stick can be a bit of a challenge to clean off, I take mine off with a make up removing toweled.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is another basic, you probably even used it when you were younger. It is the easiest to apply and clean off. Lip gloss comes in nearly every form and applicator. It can be shimmery, clear, tinted, and flavored. A lot of lip gloss contain the same helpful oils and vitamins as lip stick now days. Most of them you just apply like lipstick, just coat your lips in the gloss. Unfortunately a lot of lip gloss does not have staying power and disappears rather quickly. This makes reapplication important.

Lip Crayon


Lip crayons are similar to lipstick, they come in all colors and have great staying power. They even contain a lot of oils and vitamins, but some can dry out your lips. Use the same trick as with lipstick to help this problem. Lip crayons are one of my favorites because of their ease to apply. It’s just like coloring with a real crayon, only on your lips. I have yet to notice any on my teeth as with lipstick and they are easier to clean off. Their staying power is a little less then lipstick but I usually only have to reapply after eating or drinking, or if I lick my lips a lot.

Lip stains/Lip tattoos

Lip stains and lip tattoos are very similar in nature. They are both products that you carefully apply to your lips that just stay and stay and stay. These have the BEST staying power out of all the lip make up. But this also makes it so hard to wash off. I have practically had to scrub my lips off to get a lip stain off. They don’t dry my lips out as much as other products but mistakes are clearly obvious. And as the product stays on your lips the mistake stays anywhere you put it. So BE VERY CAREFUL as you apply these. Most come with instructions, such as apply, wait a few seconds and then peel or wash off the excess product. I suggest following these to a T.


Be sure to tell us your greatest lip love. Signing off with a lipstick covered kiss Alyssa.


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